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Yes, close enough for Pi.

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Q: Will 3.14 give me the same answer as pie would on a calculator if I can't use the pie button?
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How do you use the exp on a scientific calculator?

That would depend on which model of calculator you have. Most calculators have a button with the following symbol on them: "^" which represents the exponent function. In most cases it can be used like this: entering "2^4" would give you two to the fourth power (16).

What are Advantages of no calculators?

Being able to work without a calculator will give you a deeper understanding of maths and arithmetic, and the methods (either using your brain or on paper) used to reach a correct answer. A calculator won't show you how to work the calculation, but will give an answer at the touch of a button or two. It is best to learn without a calculator first, before relying on a calculator.

Your TEXET albert EV-S calculator give decimal questions in fractions?

you have to press F<-->D button, short for fractions - to - decimals

How do you get the cube root of 27?

easy. 3x3x3 = 27, so 3 is the cube root of get there, grab a scientific calculator and press shift then the square route button, then press in 27.your calculator will give you the answer of 3.

''what is the square root of 23''?

Rounded to three decimal places, the square root of 23 is approximately equal to ±4.796.

Why does your calculator give negative 4 when you square negative 2?

You must be pressing the wrong button! Are you certain that you have pressed the square button and not just multiplied by 2? Try typing in -2 * -2 and see what result you get.

What is a footprint calculator?

Footprint calculator can be carbon footprint calculator or ecological footprint calculator, which can give data about your impact on environment.

What to digit number multiplied by itself has the product 2025?

45. if you get a calculator and hit the square root button (like a tick) and then key in 2025 = it should give you 45

How do you find the tangent of a triangle?

that queation doesnt make any sence u retard because u cant get the tan of a triangle u can only get the tan of a number To find the tan of an angle you want to use this ratio: Opposite side divided by adjacent side Once you find the answer, on a scientific calculator you enter in your answer and hit the inv button then the tan button and it should give you your answer.

What is 1077 divided by 14?


What will happen if i put 3 divided by 9 on my calculator?


Where do I find information about a cd rate calculator?

Your local bank branch would be able to give you information on CD rate calculator. You may also look on line on several websites. A couple of them are,

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