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There is no way to know. Some aspects of calculus depend on a good understanding of algebra, others don't. It all depends on which aspects of algebra you were good at and also whether or not you retain that edge.

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Q: Will calculus be hard for you as an individual if you got an A plus in algebra?
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Are calculus and linear algebra courses hard for an individual who got an a plus in algebra?

you don't go from algebra to calculus and linear algebra. you go from algebra to geometry to advanced algebra with trig to pre calculus to calculus 1 to calculus 2 to calculus 3 to linear algebra. so since you got an A+ in algebra, I think you are good.

Will calculus be hard for you if you got an A plus in algebra?

Probably not much; of course you'll learn new things (just as you did in algebra), but they will be introduced gradually (just as they were in algebra).

Is calculus 1 and calculus 2 hard for an individual who got an A plus in algebra?

It's difficult to predict how "hard" a given person will find calculus, though being good in algebra is a positive sign. One potential problem: the way that the calculus classes are broken up in many colleges means that Calc II is usually (and notoriously) regarded as the most difficult calculus course (and the most difficult course in the mathematics department most science and engineering majors take). It tends to involve lots of trigonometry and memorization of integral formulae. In schools that use a "trimester" system, this material will probably be in Calc III instead, so your mileage may vary.

Is calculus hard for people who got an A plus in algebra?

Everyone will be different. It all depends. For example, I thought geometry for 2-D shapes was hard even though I'm good with 3-D shapes. I guess you'll see when you try it out!

What is the value of x in the equation 7x plus 3 equals 31?

x=4, but this is just very basic algebra, not calculus at all.

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Can you do Bsc in computers without maths?

Most B.S. Computer Science programs require 1-2 calculus courses plus a linear algebra course and possibly some courses on probability, combinatorics, and graph theory. Information Systems and similar degrees usually require less mathematics, but nearly all hard science, IT and engineering curricula require at least Calculus I.

7x plus 6x-1 equals 0?

7x + 6x - 1 = 0 7x + 6x = 1 13x = 1 x = (1/13) This is not calculus btw. Its basic algebra.

What is the answer a plus 6 in algebra?

a + 6

In algebra what is a plus 3?


Does a - and - make plus in algebra?


How do you get an A plus in algebra?

By studying a lot.

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