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No, a Cutler Hammer will not work in a GE panel or vice versa.

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Q: Will cutler hammer breaker panel fit a GE breaker?
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Will a GE breaker fit a cutler hammer panel?

No, a Cutler Hammer will not work in a GE panel or vice versa.

What breaker can I use if I dont have a westinghouse breaker?

The Cutler Hammer BR series will fit and also the Connecticut Electric UBITBC series will fit your Westinghouse service panel.

Can you use a Murray breaker in a Bryant panel?

No, they will not fit. You can use Westinghouse, Cutler Hammer BR series, and Connecticut Electrical UBITBC series breaker. All of those will fit.

Will cutler hammer breaker fit GE panel?

Cutler - Hammer manufactures two types of residential circuit breaker for the US. Type CH and type BR. The type BR will fit into most GE panels. It is probably a bad idea to use any other circuit breaker except the type listed on the label of the circuit breaker panel. GE panels require you to use GE circuit breakers. Using any other brand may put you at risk for liability if the installation fails and causes harm or damage.

What bolt on breaker will fit sylvania panel?

Bolt-on breakers have been made for Sylvania panels. But Sylvania breakers are not as common these days. Compatible devices are made by companies like Cutler-Hammer, with their BR series.

What circuit breakers will interchange with Murray panel?

Legally, you must use the same brand breaker with the brand panel. They sell Murray breakers at your area electrical contractor shop, but used I am sure. However, square d homeline, siemens ite, GE, cutler hammer BR do fit but will void the UL listing and are dangerous to mix. Upgrade your panelboard. It is old.

What type panel does a 4 pole breaker require?

The panel and breaker have to be of the same manufacturer. This way the breaker will fit into the panel. If the panel has a push in bus bar, the breaker must also be the type to accept the bus bar. If the bus bars in the panel are of the bolt in type then the breaker also has to be a bolt in breaker.

What circuit breakers will interchange with ITE EQ-T?

the standard or the square D will fit ,you just have to remove 4 little bits plastic and two little bits of metal the rest of the houseing and the rating is very close yes you can also put a torch to the main breaker and burn your whole house down. Some breaker are interchangeable with others, but you should NEVER modify the breaker to fit! Breakers are UL listed to their panels when you install a "unclassified" breaker your UL listing for that breaker and the whole panel is now void.

Will a square d circuit breaker fit in Allen bradley panel?

No, the Square D designed breaker can only be installed in a Square D manufactured panel.

Will a panel breaker for one manufacturer's panel fit on a different manufacturer's panel?

Yes, some can work in other panels. But you go to an electrical supplier and get the one that is the brand of the panel. If it is old and you can't find it, then try a GE breaker.

Do circuit breaker blanks have to fit completely in the breaker panel?

Yes, the code requires a complete dead front so that no access can be made to the bare distribution bus behind the panel face.

What circuit breaker to install for 10 amp 250 volt circuit?

You need a breaker rated for 10 amps and 250 volts. The breaker must also fit properly in your panel.