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No. That's crazy.

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Q: Will eating a whole lemon make you loose 5 pds over night?
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Can you get drunk or high off of lemon juice?

Yes, You will get a small 'high' depending on the amount you drink, the same effect from eating a whole lemon. It is due to the undeluted acids in lemons juice.

Can you purchase lemon rind?

Yes, but you have to buy the whole lemon to do it.

What would happen if you swallowed a lemon?

A whole lemon??? If so you would probably choke. But small pieces of lemon are OK.

What is the correct grammar of your husband have worked the whole night last night?

"Did your husband work the whole night last night?" "Your husband worked the whole night last night."

Will a whole lemon float or sink?

it will float

Can you substitute Real Lemon for fresh lemon in lemon drink for detox?

No because Real Lemon contains concentrated lemon juice which contains sugar and sulphates. Whole lemons must be used.

How substitute lemon juice for lemon peel?

Lemon juice can be substituted for lemon peel by adding 1/4 teaspoon per whole lemon. This gives a similar taste when peels are not available or wanted.

How many tbsps of liquid lemon juice to make 1 whole lemon?

Approximately 2.5 tablespoons.

What to do when your friend is coming for a sleepover?

inviting friend warmly singing whole night eating delicious food bed time story usually ghostly

Is a whole glass of lemon good for you?

YES clean blood

How many weight watcher points in a whole lemon?


Benefits of eating lemon?

Lemons have many benefits and taste great, too!They are packed full of vitamins, including more vitamin C than a whole orange. They can also give you a short energy boost (Due to the concentrated amount of citrus), without the tiring after-affects of eating sugar.If you are sick, They can speed up your recovery by at least 30% due to all of the vitamins it provides. If you have a sore throat, They can kill over 70% of the germs on your tonsils, making for a faster recovery and can make your throat less sore.(NOTE: Please eat lemons responsibly. Do not eat a lemon if you have a stomachache, stomach flu, if you are throwing up, or any other stomach-realted illness. Do not eat a lemon if you are recovering from surgery of any kind, unless directed by a doctor. Eating a lemon may give you a stomachache, ranging from mild to extreme, depending on how much of the lemon you ate or the citrus content of the lemon. Repetitive lemon eating over time can result in tooth decay, and cavities. Ask a doctor about lemon eating if you are nursing or pregnant.)Find out if Lemons are the right choice for you!^^^If you liked this response, please recommend me!^^^

Does lemon juice really cleanse the colon?

Yes, lemon juice is fantastic for cleansing the body. There are a whole lot of lemon body cleansing diets available online.

tatti in the night whole tatti?

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What would lemon juice do to the shell of an egg.?

A whole egg placed in lemon juice to cover will dissolve the shell and leave you with high calcium/mineral liquid and "lemon-egg".

Which places on the earth experience whole night?

In south pole it has experienced whole night time.

How much lemon juice can you get from half a lemon?

One whole lemon yields about 2-3 tablespoons of juice, so a half a lemon will yield 1 - 1.5 tablespoons of juice.

What was the preparation for slaves to go to market?

a whole lot of lemon juice...

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Surely it would depend on how big the plums were?

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how many cups of coffee can help you keep awake for the whole night

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How can I Refurbish an antique porcelain metal sign?

scrub a whole lemon on the surface to make it shine

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cut the whole thing and play cricket

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