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Of course. Any lines in the same plane (if extended far enough) that are not parallel must intersect.

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Q: Will perpendular lines on the same plane ever touch?
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Which angle will perpendicular lines on the same plane ever touch?

yes perpendicular lines are at right angles to each other. Therefore they have to touch eventually

Will perpendicula lines ever touch?

Yes but parallel lines wont ever touch.

Will a perpendicular line on the same plane ever touch?


Will Perpendicular lines ever touch?

Yes at 90 degrees.

Do intersecting lines ever cross?

Intersecting lines are two lines that cross in a coordinate plane. So, yes, intersecting lines cross.

Can intersecting lines ever be parallel?

Not at all. If they touch, then they can't be parallel

Is intersecting lines are skew?

no. skew lines means that the lines do not touch at all ever. they can only happen in a 3-D graph.

Will perpendicular lines on the the same plane ever touch?

Yes, two perpendicular coplanar lines will touch. If you have two lines that, by definition, form a 90 degree angle (i.e., they are perpendicular) and are both on the same plane, eventually they must cross at some point on that plane. They will have exactly one point in common. If, however, the lines were, by definition, "perpendicular skew" lines, they would never cross because the definition forbids it.

Can parallel lines ever cross each other?

No, parallel actually means that the lines will never touch or cross

Do latitude lines ever touch longitude lines?

Every parallel of latitude crosses every meridian of longitude.

Are jet plaes apart of air lines?

yes because ever plane is apart of airlines

What the definition of parallel lines?

Parallel lines are two or more lines that run perfectly straight, into infinite, next to each other so that none of the lines will ever touch.