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they will definatly attract

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Q: Will positive and negative attract or repel?
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Related questions

Which metals attract as opposed to repel?

All of the metals attract and repel, but if a: negative and positive come together= attract positve and a negative come together= attract negative and negative come together= repel positive and positive come together= repel

Do the poles attract or repel each other?

yes if the poles are positive it positive or negative to negative they repel if the poles are opposite like positive to negative the attract

Will positive and negative charges attract or repel?

they will definatly attract

What causes atoms to attract or repel?

If the atoms have opposite charges (positive to negative) they will attract. If the atoms have the same charges (positive to positive or negative to negative) then they will repel. You can look at the Law of Electric Charges to get more information on this.

Does a magnet repel its same type?

Positive end to positive end = repel Negative end to negative end = repel Negative end to positive end = attract

Will positive and positive attract or repel?

'Like' charges (both positive or both negative) repel.Unlike charges (one of each) attract.

Why do opposite electrical charges attract?

An electrical force causes like charges to repel and opposite charges to attract!!!!!:) so if you have a negative and a positive force, they will attract. but a positive with positive force will repel.

What charges repel each other?

It is like charges that repel each other. A charge may be positive or negative. Two positive charges repel, as do two negative charges. A positive and negative charge, however, attract each other. This is a fundamental law of electrostatics: like charges repel and opposite charges attract.

Will a ball with a positive charge attract or repel a ball with negative charge?


Why do batteries have a positive and negative side?

they do because like magnets we have negative and positive ,negative and negative repel and vise verse but positive and negative attract

What does a neutral and a negative charge do?

A negative charge will attract positive charges, and repel other negative charges. An electrically neutral object will neither attract nor repel charged objects.

What determine whether charges attract or repel?

The polarity of charges determines whether they attract or repel. Polarities are usually labeled as positive or negative.

If you place a positive charge next to a negative charge will repel or attract?

Opposite charges attract.

Will positive and positive repel or attract?

'Like' charges (both positive or both negative) repel.Unlike charges (one of each) attract.

What is the best answer about two adjacent electrical charges if both are positive they attract if both are negative they attract if one is positive and one is negative they attract if one is positive?

Two like charges will repel each and will be attracted to the opposite charges.

Why do poles on a magnet attract and repel?

Poles on a magnet attract or repel because of the way the electrons line up. The electrons in the valence shells tend to line up on one side of the nucleus. The electrons have a negative charge and the nucleus has a positive charge. The negative charges in one magnet repel the negative charges in another magnet but attract the positive charges in another magnet.

Do two negatives attract or repel each other?

Two charges that are the same ... either both negative or both positive ... repel each other.Two charges that are different ... one negative and one positive ... attract each other.

Does positive and positive repel or attract?

Like charges- repel Opposite charges- attract ...therefore a positive and positive will repel

What causes objects to attract and repel?

negative and positive charges

Do negative charges attract to negative charges?

No, opposite charges (negative and positive) attract, while like charges (pos. and pos. or neg. and neg.) repel each other.

What is the fundamental rule for electric charge?

Fundamental laws of electric charges: opposite charges (positive and negative) attract, similar charges (positive and positive or negative and negative) repel, somtimes charged objects will attract a neutral object.

When do magnets attract one another?

When they have oppositely charged poles in a close proximity. That is, the positive pole of a magnet will attract the negative pole of a magnet and vice versa. When the poles have the same charges , positive with positive or negative with negative, they repel

Which charge has strong force of attraction?

Neither charge on its own has an attractive force. Opposite charges (positive-negative) will attract while like charges (negative-negative or positive-positive) will repel.

Do electrons attract or repel?

Electrons repel each other because it is two negtive charges. A positive charge (proton) would attract a negative charge (electron). This is like the ying and yang, opposites attract.

What two charges repel each other?

The rule of charges is that opposites attract and likes repel. Two positive charges will repel each other, and two negative charges will also repel each other.