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No. There are plenty of prefices after trillions: quadrillions, quintillions etc.

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Q: Will the national debt soon need to be noted in scientific notation?
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How would you write the national debt in scientific notation?

The current national debt is approximately $14.3 trillion. In scientific notation that would be:1.43 * 1013 dollars

What value would there be to express the national debt using scientific notation?

The value of the national debt is approximate due to exchange rates movements, interest charges, timing of payments and so on. So presenting it as an amount accurate to the nearest unit is misleading, if not dishonest. It is far more sensibly to express it in scientific notation. Unfortunately, there are many people who cannot figure out scientific notation although if they cannot do that does it matter that they don't know the national debt?

Where else can scientific notation be used?

any where you want to use it. national debt about 13 trillion dollars or 1.3 x 1013

What is the amount of the national debt in expanded notation?

The amount of the national debt in expanded notationis? something to figure out yourself

How do you write the national debt 18094123515000 in scientific notation?

18094123515000 in scientific notation is 1.8094123515 x 10^13

What would be lost if you expressed the national debt in scientific notation and would this be important?

Nothing would be lost. You could always have the same number of significant digits as for the value in normal notation so that no information is lost. Since nothing need be lost, it cannot be important.

What would be lost if the national debt is expressed in scientific notation what information would be lost in such a usage?

Nothing would be lost. If the US national debt is written as 1.7292*1013 dollars, then in theory, you lose the numbers below a billion dollars. But in fact you do not lose that information because by the time you read this answer, the figures at that level will probably have changed!

What was the national debt in 1791?

the national debt was something used to create national debt

What are practical uses of scientific notation?

By using scientific notation very large and very small numbers can be more easily written, and allows for less chance of error. Scientific notation is particularly used by Astronomers, chemists and physicists. For example the nearest star to us is approximately 25000000000000 miles or 40000000000000 km away from us. Written like that not only are the numbers cumbersome but there is a risk of error in missing out one or more of the zeros. Using scientific notation, the distances become much easier to handle: 2.5 × 10^13 miles or 4 × 10^13 km. Similarly, a mole of an element contains approximately 602210000000000000000000 atoms. Again, this is much easier to write, read and use in scientific notation: 6.0221 × 10^23 A proton weighs approx 0.0000000000000000000000000016726 kg, or 1.6726 × 10^-27 kg in scientific notation. However, an abbreviated form of scientific notation* is used in everyday life, particularly on the news. The national debt of USA at the beginning of the year was approx $18.96 trillion. But what does this mean? 1 trillion = (10^3)^(4+1) = 10^15, so the national debt was approx $18.96 × 10^15 which is almost scientific notation (to be scientific notation it would be $1.896 × 10^16); similarly talking about the population of an area of 6.5 million people: 1 million is 10^6, so this is 6.5 × 10^6 (scientific notation). * Actually what is being used is engineering notation which is a form of scientific notation in which the power of the 10 is a multiple of 3, and the number before the "× 10^" does not have to be greater than or equal to 1 and less than 10.

National debt in 2003?

What was the national debt in 2003?

What is the amount national debt in Peru?

$350,000,000 in national debt

What is a sentence for the word national debt?

The national debt of this country is ridiculous.

China national debt?

As of 2011 China's national debt was $949,111,232,877

What is the US national debt?

The US National Debt is nearly $16,963,703,000, or 16.9 trillion dollars.

What was the national debt in 1920?

In the year 1920, the national debt was 25.95 billion dollars. In 2014, the national debt is over 17,152 billion dollars.

What did Thomas Jefferson think of the national debt?

He wanted to cut the national debt.

What was the national debt in 1962?

The national debt in 1962 is yhur mom niqqaah

What happened to the national debt during Reagan's presidency?

He quadrupled the National debt

What effect did the national debt have on France?

NOTHING the national debt was completely irrelevant.

What is Canada's national debt?

Canada's Current National Debt is around 575 billion.

What does the national debt represent?

The national debt refers to the amount of money that the US government owes. Currently, the national debt is slightly over 17 trillion dollars.

What is the national debt clock?

The national debt clock is a real time running total display which constantly updates to show the current national debt of the United States. You can find it at the website US Debt Clock.

What is the national debt?

The National Debt is the money owed by the US government to the Federal Reserve for printing money. Most of the money that is spent is spent on military and welfare. To see current statistics on the National Debt, see the Related Links to see the National Debt Clock keeping track of the debt in our country.

Did Thomas Jefferson reduce the national debt?

yes, he reduced the national debt by over 25%

What is Colombia's national debt?

At the time of writing Colombia's National Debt is 122 billion USD