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A counter-example proves the falsity:

Consider the two binomials (x + 2) and (x - 2). Then

(x + 2)(x - 2) = x2 - 2x + 2x - 4

= x2 - 4

another binomial.

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Q: Will the product of two binomials after combining like terms always be trinomial?
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Will the product of two binomials always equal a trinomial?

no, because some examples are: (a-2)(a+2) = a^2-4 (binomial) & (a+b)(c-d) = ac-ad+bc-db (polynomial) but can 2 binomials equal to a monomial?

If you multiply 2 binomials together will you always get a trinomial as a result?

philip aidan kuan, the scientist proved that trinomialis good

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How do factor a trinomial expression with a leading coefficient not equal to 1?

To factor a trinomial in the form ax2 + bx + c, where a does not equal 1, the easiest process is called "factoring by grouping". To factor by grouping, you must change the trinomial into an equivalent tetranomial by rewriting the middle term (bx) as the sum of two terms. There is a specific way to do this, as demonstrated in the example.Take the quadratic trinomial 5x2 + 11x + 21. Find the product of a and c, or 5*2 = 10.2. Find factors of ac that when added together give you b, in this case 10 and 1.3. Rewrite the middle term as the sum of the two factors (5x2 + 10x + x + 2).4. Group terms with common factors and factor these groups.5x2 + x + 10x + 2x(5x + 1) + 2(5x + 1)5. Factor the binomial in the parentheses out of the whole polynomial, leaving you with the product of two binomials. 5x2 + 11x + 2 = (x + 2)(5x + 1)Notes:1. The same process is done if there are any minus signs in the trinomial, just be careful when factoring out a negative from a positive or vice versa.2. If you have a tetranomial on its own, you can skip the rewriting process and just factor the whole polynomial by grouping from the start.3. As in factoring any polynomial, always factor out the GCF first, then factor the remaining polynomial if necessary.4. Always look for patterns, like the difference of squares or square of a binomial, while factoring. It will save a lot of time.

When you multiply by 0 the product is always?

The product would always be 0.

When the factors are odd the product answer always will be?

The product of two odd numbers is always odd.

When you multiply any number of even numbers will the product always be odd?

No, the product will always be even.

Why is the last term of a perfect square trinomial always positive?

This is related to the fact that the square of both a positive and a negative number is always positive. The last term is simply the square of the second term, in the original binomial.

The product of a number and its reciprocal is always what?

The product of a number and its reciprocal is always one. That's what reciprocal means.

Is the product of two negative integers always negative?

That is false. The product of two negative integers is always positive.

The product of two numbers with different signs is always a negative?

The product of negative number and a positive number is always a negative. The product of two positive numbers, or two negative numbers, is always a positive.

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