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Being good at basic math will definitely help with Calculus. Boolean algebra is fairly different from Calculus, so it is hard to say how much it will help. Boolean algebra does help with some critical thinking skills, which will be helpful in Calculus to an extent.

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Q: Will you do well in calculus if you are good at basic math and computer science math which is boolean algebra with circuits?
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What has the author Chris A Theodore written?

Chris A. Theodore has written: 'Boolean algebra and digital computers' -- subject(s): Algebra, Boolean, Boolean Algebra, Logic circuits

What is the mathematical system used to express analyze and design digital circuits?

Boolean algebra.

What is the boolean algebra?

It is a system of logical calculus on which logic axioms are based on.

1 Why is an understanding of Boolean algebra important to computer scientists?

Boolean algebra generally deals with design of h/w circuits forms a basis of the computer scientists,since computers can understand only machine level language which is of zeros and one so understanding of boolean algebra is important i think.more over boolean algebra also deals with minimalization of the logic design which has considerably reduced the size of hardware so according to me each and every computer scientist shouldhave a basic understanding of boolean algebra.

Electronic and mechanical components of a computer?

Digital circuits are the most common physical representation of Boolean algebra and are the basis of all digital computers. Computer's industrial processes are constructed of digital circuits.

Was anybody involved in the Boolean algebra?

George Boole, the creator of Boolean Algebra, the creators of computers, and all of us that have even once used computers; computers use Boolean Algebra for truth values, making logic circuits.

Uses of Boolean Algebra?

Boolean Algebra is a type of math in which the values of the variables are true and false. The algebra is the basis for digital logic, computer programming and mathematical logic.

What are the importance of boolean algebra?

Boolean algebra is an area of algebra in which variables are replaced with 1 or 0 to indicate true or false. This form of algebra became the basis for binary computer programming used in digital electronic development.

What is the relation between maths and computer?

boolean algebra is used in computer programmings, matrix is used

What has the author J Kuntzmann written?

J. Kuntzmann has written: 'Fundamental Boolean algebra' -- subject(s): Algebra, Boolean, Boolean Algebra

What are the different elements of Boolean algebra?

The prototypical Boolean algebra; i.e. the Boolean algebra defined over the Boolean domain, has two elements in it: 0 and 1. For more information about Boolean algebra, please refer to the related link below.

What is the importance of boolean algebra to computer students?

Boolean algebra is the very basis for all of computing. Boolean algebra results in only 2 answers, true or false. To computers, these are represented by 0 and 1. This creates the binary system, which is how all computers operate.

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