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The Coriolis Effect

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Q: Windows blow in curved lines because of?
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Why does wind blow in curved lines?


Winds blow in curved loops because of Earth's?


Why do surface winds blow on a curved path?

Because the Earth rotates.

Why doesn't wind blow in straight lines?

wind doesnt blow in straight because of different air pressure from different direction

How do you blow out lines?

You have to drop the water level below the piping of the pool, then take compressed air and blow out the lines, normally you disconnect the pump and filter and blow the water lines from the direction of the filter and pump back towards the pool cap the pool inlets and outlets, and put the pink R. V. anti freeze in the lines so that they do not crack.

How can wind harm humans?

Wind is harmful to human beings because fast winds blow away instruments like clothes,windows etc.

Can the car windows blow out if parked in garage?

From being parked only - no.

Why do Fiddler crabs blow bubbles?

they blow bubbles because some of them do that just because

After changing water pump in 89 BMW 525i how do you properly bleed out air in cooling system?

to blow out the air u will have to blow in the lines

What about using mobile phones while thundering and rain?

It shouldn't be a problem because there are no wires so if your power lines get electrocuted it wont blow up with the rest of your stuff in your house.

What is it called when the earth makes wind blow in a curve?

Its the Coriolis effect. In fact, the wind is trying to blow straight and the earth is turning under it in a circular motion. The resulting path of the wind on the earth is a curved line.

Why are hurricanes so devastating?

Cause they can Blow Houses and Windows and Bulidings and Kill people.

Why does a ball roll when you blow on it?

The ball rolls when you blow on it because of Friction.

Can you remove moisture from double-pane windows?

Yes, you can remove moisture from double-paned windows. In general, you will need to heat the windows using a blow dryer and moving from one section to another to remove the moisture.

Why you suppose that airplane windows are smaller than bus windows?

Airplanes are often pressurized. A large window would be excessively difficult and expensive to make it strong enough to not blow out. So they use small windows on airplanes.

Will a fan blow air on the moon?

No - because there's no air on the moon to blow !

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People Usually Blow Bubbles Because Its Fun!

Are hurricanes cool?

NO! i have been in 5 and it may sound cool but when your roof is caving in and your windows are about to blow out,ITS NOT COOL!!!!

Why does your hair turned hot when blow dried?

It's because of the heat from your blow dryer.

Why do winds deflect or blow sideward?

winds blow sideways because of the rotation of the earth.

What are all the hurricane damages?

Broken tree branches, damaged houses, power lines, sink ships, blow down fences, Blow down whole trees, and people die.

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Harry Freedman has written: 'Lines' 'Blow, blow, thou winter wind' 'Monday gig'

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Mostly chemical, but physical changes also occur, such as when the windows blow out.

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