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Probably something below 20 Hz. They are done with rotating motors with unbalanced shafts. Here is a page that shows lots of products.

My guess is the shaft spins on the order of 5 or 20 rev/sec - giving a fundamental frequency of 5 to 20 Hz. Maybe 10 Hz...

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Q: With cell phone on vibrate what is the frequency of the vibration?
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i think it is the motor that is in the vibrate in a cell phone

Why don't mobile phones vibrate when charging?

Its a safety feature only provided by nokia. Suppose you have place your cell phone in tiny place like in table or some where else and in your absence your cell get vibration from the call than there is a chances to fall your mobile from height and your cell may get damaged. So to prevent to happen such things nokia provides this feature.

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You cannot change a phone's frequency.

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it cant be charging

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And it's rude to have the phone ring while you're on a date.

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Yes, most phones can be programmed to do that.

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The basic concept of the very first cell phone was developed in 1947. When the first cell phone came out in 1968, it only had a frequency range of a few miles.

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The frequency of the phone would depend on the model and the carrier or service provider it runs on. It would not depend on the phone number.

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