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Q: Words most likely means a measure of distance traveled?
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Based on your knowledge or greek roots which of the following words most likley means a measure of distance around a spacific area?

The word that most likely means "a measure of distance around a specific area" based on Greek roots is "perimeter." The term is derived from the Greek words "peri" meaning "around" and "metron" meaning "measure."

What does the stem meter mean as in odometer or tetrameter?

The stem "meter" in words like odometer or tetrameter refers to a unit of measurement. In odometer, it measures distance traveled while in tetrameter, it refers to a rhythmic pattern in poetry with four metrical feet per line.

What word with a Greek root means a measure of distance around a specific area?

The word is "perimeter." It comes from the Greek roots "peri," meaning around, and "metron," meaning measure.

How can tell the speed an object is moving?

D=RT, or in other words, to find the rate(R)(speed) of an object take the distance (D)traveled divided by the time(T).

What is the use of the ruler?

To measure distance and to draw straight lines

How many words does measure for measure has?

measure for measure has how many words? measure for measure maniy

What words did preachers add to slave wedding vows?

"until death or DISTANCE do you part" (because one was likely to be sold)

What is a numerical probability?

Probability is a numerical measure. Occasionally, though, it is expressed in words such as very likely or not at all likely. But these phrases are (or should be) based on the fact that probability itself is a number.

What does the greek root meter mean?

The Greek root "meter" means measure or measurement. It is commonly used in words related to measuring or counting, such as thermometer (device to measure temperature) or diameter (distance across a circle through its center).

What other words can be used to describe went?

Go, traversed, traveled, rode ...

Relationship between velocity and time?

Velocity is the rate of change of an object's position with respect to time. It is calculated by dividing the change in position by the change in time. In other words, velocity is a measure of how fast an object is moving at a particular moment in time.

What is used to measure something that is not straight - two words?

Tape measure