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No, it would hit slower because gravity on the moon is 1/6 the gravity on earth.

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Q: Would a ball dropped from 5 feet on the moon hit the ground faster that a ball dropped from five feet on the earth?
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Which item will drop faster?

objects dropped exactly at the same moment will hit the ground (on earth) at exactly the same moment.

What will hit the ground first the bullet shot horizontally or the one dropped?

they will hit the ground at the exact same time(if the terrain is flat, but the earth is round so if you consider the roundness of the earth, the one that is dropped will hit the ground first).

Why do object fall to the ground when dropped?

It is due to gravity. It is Earth's gravitation force that keeps our feet firmly on the ground.

What would happen if the earth spun faster?

if the earth spun faster we would have shorter days. if the earth orbited around the sun faster we would have a shorter year.

Which will fall faster a bullet dropped from a height 1' or a bullet shot from a rifle at a height of 1'?

As long as the barrel is precisely level with the ground, gravity will pull them to the Earth at the same rate.

If you drop a penny and a text book at the sametime. which one will hit the ground first?

If a penny and a text book were dropped in a vacuum then they will both hit the ground at the same time. This refers to Newton's laws. If they are dropped at the same time on earth then the text book would hit the ground first.

Would feather and a nail reach the ground at the same time?

On Earth, no. Air resistance would slow the feather way down. However, dropped on somewhere without an atmosphere (like the moon), they would reach the ground at the same time.

If the earth rotated faster would time go faster?


If the earth spins faster would the moon go faster around the earth?

No. The speed of the moon's orbit does not depend on Earth's spin; it depends on Earth's mass. However, a faster spin on Earth's part would make the moon appear to move across the sky faster, as it would for the sun and stars.

If you dropped something out of a rising helicopter would the object initially rise relative to earth?

If the helicopter is raising faster then the force of gravity's acceleration, yes, it would raise for a short period of time before heading back down to earth.

Does something dropped from a great height fall faster than something dropped from a shorter height?

no, no matter how high up or how short something is from the ground they fall at the same rate. This is because the Earth's gravity is constant on all objects, so concluding the objects will hit at the same time.

Why weres the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki rigged to blow up before they hit the ground?

Because they were so strong, those would break the earth crust.

What will happen to a stone dropped from the roof of a single story building to the surface of the earth?

The stone would fall straight down from the release point, it would fall with steadily increasing speed, and when it hit the ground, it would stop falling. The rate at which its speed increased during the fall would be 32.2 feet per second faster every second.

What would happen if you dropped a hammer and a feather here on earth?

The feather would reach the earth first dumb@$$

Bowling ball and apple drop from same height which will reach earth first?

If a bowling ball and an apple dropped from the same height the bowling ball would reach the ground first. This is because the bowling ball has more mass and density making gravity pull it down faster.

What would happen if the earth rotates faster?

Measurements of time would become shorter, and the seasons would occur faster.

What would be shorter if earth revolved faster?


Why can you hear the sound of the thunder faster if you place your ear against the ground?

Because the ground is denser than air. The noise of the thunder, form where the lightning bolt strikes the earth, travels faster in the ground than it does through the air.

Why dropped objects hit the ground at the same time?

Dropped objects hit the ground at the same time (as long as they're dropped from the same height) because the acceleration of gravity is constant. On earth, it's 9.8 meters per second (32.2 feet per second) every second.

When a sound from a source is refracted away from the surface of the earth it gives an indication that the air is cooler than the ground?

Ground is cooling faster than the air.

Where would a clock run faster Pluto or Earth?


What happens if the Earth spun faster?

The days would be shorter.

Would the earth spin faster or slower if their was no moon?

Probably faster: The Moon has been slowing down Earth's rotation for quite a while.

If you fired a bullet and it never dropped would it orbit the earth and hit you?

In theory, yes. In practice, no. In theory, You could fire the bullet with such a great speed that it would orbit the Earth, even if it was only at a height of 1 meter from Earth's surface. In practice, however, their is air resistance. This would cause the bullet to lose speed, and eventually it would fall the the ground.

How far does a bullet travel horizontally before gravity has an effect and takes overIs Newtons law correct that the bullet will hit the ground at the same time if it were simply dropped?

Gravity has an effect the instant the bullet leaves the barrel. The bullet starts to fall towards the earth at the same rate as the dropped bullet. However, (assuming the ground follows the curve of the earth, or you are shooting over water) the dropped bullet will hit the ground/water first. The reason is that the as the fired bullet falls the ground is receding away from it (the curve of the earth). The extreme example of this is: the bullet is fired fast enough that as it falls, the curve of the earth is 'falling' continuously away below it; we would say this bullet is now in orbit around the planet. However, if the ground you are shooting over is 'flat' (i.e. flat like a ruler, NOT following the curve of the earth) then: yes, the two bullets will hit the ground at the same time.