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A door frame is much more likely to be 100 cm which is a meter than 100 meters i guess if you had a giant door it could be 100 meters but an average door is more likely to be 100cm

Neither. A door frame opening is usually about 2 meters high (200 cm).

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Q: Would a door frame be 100 cm or 100 m?
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Is the width of a door frame more likely to be 100 cm or 100 m?

A 100 cm door makes sense. A doorway with hinges on the side needs to be large enough to allow people and things to pass but not so big that it gets difficult to open and close. To manipulate a much wider door may require separating the door into sections with hanging supports or wheels positioned underneath or being opened by lifting as in typical garage doors. A 100 meter doorway might be appropriate for an aircraft hanger

What is a Standard French door frame size?

The standard size for French doors (inside) is commonly 83 cm wide X 204 cm high. You can also find 73 cm wide X 204 cm high. There are also larger sizes (93 cm, 100 cm) while the height can be adjusted to your needs by simply cutting the bottom of the door.

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ht in cm-100 deduct 10% if filipino or small frame.

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The frame is 1 cm wide.

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The typical door in a classroom is about 2 meters, or two yards and 1/3.

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A door is 36 cm long

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