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A 100 cm door makes sense. A doorway with hinges on the side needs to be large enough to allow people and things to pass but not so big that it gets difficult to open and close. To manipulate a much wider door may require separating the door into sections with hanging supports or wheels positioned underneath or being opened by lifting as in typical garage doors. A 100 meter doorway might be appropriate for an aircraft hanger

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The width is likely to be 100 cm. Most houses are not 100 metres wide!

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Q: Is the width of a door frame more likely to be 100 cm or 100 m?
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Would a door frame be 100 cm or 100 m?

A door frame is much more likely to be 100 cm which is a meter than 100 meters i guess if you had a giant door it could be 100 meters but an average door is more likely to be 100cm Neither. A door frame opening is usually about 2 meters high (200 cm).

When is the MOS likely to expand in both length and width?

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What is the width if the height of a door is 1 foot more than twice its width and the door is 7 feet high?

Doors have to be a min. of 3ft wide and 7ft tall or it will be breaking building codes if it is any smaller.

How do you stop a bad draft on the front passenger side of a expedition?

Where exactly is the draft coming from? If is from the door frame around the window area? If so then your door frame is bent a little. Bent is back to place. The gap between the window frame and frame shouldn't be more than a sheet of paper.

How do you break your finger?

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Why does your door shut easier in the winter than in the summer?

in the summer, there is more humidity and it causes the wood to swell. When it is cold outside, the swelling goes down and it is easier to close the door without it rubbing against the frame. Heat expands everything, the doors and house included. When they expand the door will rub against the frame. When it's cold things will contract or constrict and therefore the door and house will shrink and be easier to open. ( The house will shrink but since there is a space where the door is the house won't shrink inwards at the door frame but when it expands it will close the gap of the door frame).

How do you fix a sagging door on a GMC Jimmy?

Answerput new door pins in it and if that dont work the get someone to realign it for you. AnswerYou can purchase a door Pin and bushing kit at your local auto parts. That should fix you up. More than likely, What you have is the Weld coming apart from the body frame. Check : With the door open,try to watch the seam where the hinge braket meets the body frame, You will probably see a crack opening while you lift up the open door. The weld has failed,just like on both my doors.

Can you repair plastic door panel with glue that will be strong enough to hold it back to the door?

Need more info. Are you trying to replace the clips that hold the door to the frame, or is the door delaminating. What kind of vehicle?

Why Wet doors do not open properly?

If the door or door frame is made of wood: the wood soaks up some of the water and expands. This makes the door/door frame slightly larger, so it will be more difficult to open and close. This can be avoided by covering the wood in a waterproof sealant (which are available from most hardware shops).

What is a function of a door hinge?

a door hinge's job is to keep one side of the door decured to the door frame so that the door can be opened and closed

How do you repair rubbing steel door and frames door hinge screws are either stripped or loose and doors are rubbing against steel door frame and the door frame is installed into a concrete wall?

you can't that's the problem with cheep construction the builders con you into buying them as a cheaper option on your house but when the house shifts and what house doesn't? your then in trouble it costs 10 time more to fix a metal door than the convectional wood door frame. PS. Stay away from metal doors on houses

Is a 2 door car more expensive to insure than a 4 door car?

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