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A group, as a single entity, would be nominal.

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Q: Would a group of teenagers be nominal ordinal interval or ratio?
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What would the ranks of cars evaluated by a consumer's magazine be nominal ordinal ratio or interval?


Would pages in the 25 best selling mystery novels be nominal ordinal interval or ratio?


Are multiple choice tests measured at ordinal scale or interval scale?

Ordinal. Tests responses are usually correct or incorrect. This would be assigned a value and the number of correct answers is the score of the test. There is a logical order, a correct answer is better than an incorrect answer, so it is not nominal data. Even though we calculate averages, test responses are not interval data, as there is no meaning to the interval. See related link.

What is the correlation coefficient to use for ordinal versus nominal data?

I would use Spearman and Kendall

Would a patient's case number be a ratio or interval scale?

Case number would be nominal scale; the number has no meaning.

What types of scalar data are typically utilized in cross- tabulation?

Zikmund (2003) described the nominal scale as "a scale in which the numbers or letters assigned to objects serve as labels for identification or classification" (p. 296). The ordinal scale is "a scale that arranges objects or alternatives according to their magnitudes" (Zikmund, 2003, p. 297). Both nominal and ordinal scales are typically utilized in cross-tabulation analysis. (Other types of scalar data would include interval or ratio). another website describing nominal and ordinal scales as used for cross-tabulation.Zikmund, W. G. (2003). Business research methods (7th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Thomson/South-Western.

Is months of the year a categorical variable?

It depends on how the variable is used. At its simplest, it would be a nominal or categorical value but, if used as part of a time series, it would be an ordinal variable.

What is a nominal number?

Nominal numbers are numbers used for identification only. They do not indicate quantity, rank, or any other measurement. The properties of nominal numbers are the minimum required to refer to an entity as a number. The term "nominal number" is quite recent, and appears to have originated as a usage in school textbooks derived from the statistical term "nominal data", defined as data indicating "...merely statements of qualitative category of membership." Mathematicians would typically describe this concept simply as a mapping between objects, or sets of objects, to the ordinal numbers.

Is 23 an ordinal?

No, but the ordinal number of 23 is: 23rd. In words it would be: twenty-third.

Is the number 5 ordinal or cardinal?

The number 5 is cardinal. The ordinal form would be 5th

Is five a cardinal or an ordinal number?

Cardinal. 5th would the be corresponding ordinal number.A cardinal number.

How do you write 7 as an ordinal number?

To write 7 as an ordinal number, you would write it as "seventh."