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It depends on how the variable is used.

At its simplest, it would be a nominal or categorical value but, if used as part of a time series, it would be an ordinal variable.

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Q: Is months of the year a categorical variable?
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Is gender a categorical variable?

yes a gender is a categorical variable

Is type of meat a quantitative or categorical variable?


Is year a categorical variable in statistics?

It can be though more often it is a variable on the interval scale (when looking for trends over time).

What type of variable is colour?

Color is considered a categorical variable.

Is number of children a continuous variable or categorical variable?

Neither. It is a discrete variable.

What is the difference between continuous and categorical independent variables?

A categorical variable (also known as a discrete variable) is one whose range is countable; e.g. the variable answ has values [yes, no, not sure]. answ is a categorical variable with range 3.A continuous variable is one which is not categorical; e.g. weight is a continuous variable which can take any value between 0 and 1000 kg (say) for a human being.

Is diet a categorical variable?


Is religion a categorical variable?


Difference between dummy and categorical variable?

A dummy variable assumes a value of either 0 or 1. A categorical variable assumes one of a usually small number of values. For example, a categorical variable might assume the values 'F' or 'M' for female or male.

Is educational level categorical variable?


Is age a categorical variable?

Age is acontinuousvariable because it can bemeasured with numbers. A categorical variable deals with nominal variables example male or female, political view, etc

David asks each of his family members what their favorite vegetable is is he collecting data on a numerical or categorical variable?