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No. An irregular polygon is a polygon whose sides are pretty much out of control. They are usually not equal to any other one side. So, no, a star is actually a REGULAR polygon.

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Q: Would a star be an irregular polygon?
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Is irregular star is polygon?

yes as long as it is a closed figure.

What is a polygon called with 8 irregular sides called?

I would call it an irregular octagon, or an irregular 8-sided polygon.

What are the names of irregular polygons?

"Irregular polygon" seems just fine for me."Irregular polygon" seems just fine for me."Irregular polygon" seems just fine for me."Irregular polygon" seems just fine for me.

Whats the definition of a irregular polygon?

The definition of a irregular polygon is any polygon that is not a regular polygon.

Who many angles does a Irregular polygon have?

an irregular polygon is a polygon that is the opposite of a regular polygon in a regular polygon the sides are the same and the angles are the same and irregular is the opposite.

What is a irregular nonagon?

A irregular nonagon is a polygon that is not a regular polygon.

How is an irregular polygon irregular if all sides and angles are equal?

If a polygon's lengths and angles are all equal it isn't an irregular polygon it's a regular polygon! :)

Is a Decahedral die an irregular polygon?

It is not a polygon at all, it is a polyhedron. It is irregular.

Is a irregular square a polygon?

A square cannot be irregular though it is a polygon.

Is a star shape an irregular polygon?

Not all are. Not only is it a concave shape, but the interior angles can vary. For a polygon to be regular, it must be equilateral and equiangular.

A polygon with not all sides and angles congruent?

It would be an irregular polygon that has not congruent sides and angles

Is an arrow a regular or a irregular?

It is an irregular polygon.