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an irregular polygon is a polygon that is the opposite of a regular polygon in a regular polygon the sides are the same and the angles are the same and irregular is the opposite.

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Q: Who many angles does a Irregular polygon have?
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How is an irregular polygon irregular if all sides and angles are equal?

If a polygon's lengths and angles are all equal it isn't an irregular polygon it's a regular polygon! :)

How many interior angles does an irregular polygon have?

Three or more.

What is the polygon that the sides and angles are not the same?

Irregular polygon

What kind of polygon has no congruent sides or angles?

An irregular polygon

What is a polygon without congruent side or angles?

It is an irregular polygon.

Formula of irregular polygon?

Any irregular polygon does not have equal sides and equal interior angles

What is a iregular polygon?

An irregular polygon is a polygon in which all of the sides and angles are not the same.

A polygon with not all sides and angles congruent?

It would be an irregular polygon that has not congruent sides and angles

What is a irregular pollygon?

An irregular *polygon* is one where the angles are all different

What is the name of a polygon with all sides and angles different?

It is an irregular polygon

What is a polygon with sides that are not all congruent with angles that are called?

an irregular polygon

When a polygon does not have congruent sides it is called?

It is called an irregular polygon. However, an irregular polygon can have congruent sides if all angles are not equal.