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yes that would be an obtuse angle!

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Q: Would it be an obtuse angle if it were 92 dagrees?
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What is a 92ยฐ angle called?

It is called an obtuse

What angle with a measure of 92 degrees?

Obtuse angle (here is the formula) -: 90ยฐ = Right angle and if you don't know the obtuse angle is more than 90ยฐ so adding 2 will make it an obtuse angle.

Is a 92 degrees angle obtuse or acute?

its obtuse because any angle above 90 degrees (Right angle) up to 180 degrees (Straight Angle) is Obtuse.

Which angle is between 91 and 180 degrees?

92 degrees is on possibility. The answer is NOT "an obtuse angle". An angle of 90.5 degrees, for example, is an obtuse angle but is not included in the range specified in the question.

What is the complement of an 88 degree angle?

This would be a angle of 92 degrees. It should be 2 degrees. Because a complimentary angle measures 90 degrees.

Name 2 obtuse angels?

91 degrees, 92 degrees... obtuse is higher than 90 less than 180

What is the measure of the third angle of a triangle if one angle measures 92 degrees and the other measures 45 degrees?

The 3rd angle is: 180-92-45 = 43 degrees

How many sides would an n-gon have with interior angles 92 degrees?

Any polygon can gave an interior angle of 92 degrees. However, no regular polygon can have interior angles of 92 degrees.

What is the correct dwell angle for single point dizzy on a '92 Chevy 350?

The last year for a Chevy "dizzy" with points would be 1972 and that would be 28 to 32 degrees. '92 would be a electronic HEI "Dizzy".

Where is the crank angle sensor on a 92 eclipse?

the cam angle sensor is the crank angle sensor it preforms both jobs

What is the shape and bond angle of H2S?

92°. Love, Tif Herion (:

Which angle measures the supplementary 88?

88 and 92 are supplementary angles

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