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Centimeters. There are 100 centimeters in one meter

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Q: Would it take a greater number of centimeters or meters to mesure the height of the classroom door?
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How many cenimeters are in a milliliter?

centimeters are used to mesure lenth, milliliters are used to mesure volume. That is like asking how many yards are in a gallon

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Length times width times height

What unit would you use to mesure a classmate height?

Centimetre, feet, inch

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Full sticks = meters Marks on the stick = centimeters

What does a liter mesure?

A liter is a measurement of volume. (Distance cubed) It is equivalent to one thousand cubic centimeters.

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They help you measure things by telling u the inches and centimeters of an object....Just place it where u want to measure

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I am five feet tall -> Je mesure cinq pieds. Note: Europe uses the metric system, so "cinq pieds" probably won't mean much to the average Frenchman. I believe five feet is about 150 cm (centimeters = centimètres).

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mesure on your electronical balance

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what would you use to mesure the lenght af a tree

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