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dont know use Google instead dumb

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Write an algorithm that accept five numbers add them together and output the results instruct?
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How to write an algorithm that accepts five numbers and displays the sum and average of the numbers?

1.Start Algorithm 2.Enter first number 3.Enter second number 4.Enter third number 5.Enter fourth number 6.Enter fifth number 7.Add five number 8.display five number / 2 9.Display result 10.End Algorithm

What are the results of 2 numbers added together?

The answer to addition is called the sum.

What is the nature of Algorithm?

An "algorithm" is simply a method to solve a certain problem. For example, when you use the standard method you learned in school to write down two numbers, one beneath the other, then add them, you are using an algorithm - a method that is known to give correct results in this particular case.

what is the google algorithm and specifications?

google algorithm are the set of rules that google use to rank websites in search results

How do you make a C plus plus program that arrange the numbers from highest to lowest?

Input the numbers into an array, sort the numbers in descending order, then print the results. If there are fewer than, say, 20 numbers, then a bubble sort will suffice. Otherwise use a more advanced sorting algorithm such as quick sort.

List out the characteristics of an algorithm with definition?

The characteristics of an algorithm include precision, finite termination after a series of steps, finite instructions, and an ending with required results. The definition of an algorithm is a set of rules that are followed in a calculation.

What can cause logical error in algorithm?

It can cause abnormal program termination or invalid results.

What are algorithm and flowcharts?

Flowchart is a graphically or design representation of solution. algorithm is a step by step solution of a results whose written in simple english.anyone understand it easily and make program.

What type of error in an algorithm will produce unexpected results depending on the number that the user inputs?

Algorithms do not accept user input; they are not computer programs. All input to an algorithm is specified at the start of the algorithm along with any required preconditions and postconditions. If a required precondition is not specified or is specified incorrectly, then this could result in unexpected results (or undefined behaviour in programming terminology). The type of error in the algorithm is simply that the precondition was not specified.

How do you multiply and divide negative numbers?

Two negative numbers divided or multiplied together results in a positive outcome. For example: -8/-2 = 4 and -9*-3 = 27

The average of 3 consecutive even is 37. what are the numbers?

If the average of 3 numbers is 37 then the sum of those numbers = 37 * 3 = 111. Which is an odd number. Adding together even numbers never results in an odd number. Therefore the 3 numbers can not be even numbers; consecutive or otherwise. The question can not be answered.

How do you define mean number?

The mean number of a number set is the same as the average number of a number set. It is the number that results from adding all of the numbers in a set together and then dividing by the amount of numbers you added together. For example, in the set 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, you add the five numbers together and get 15. There are five numbers in the set, so when you divide 15 by 5, you get 3. This is the mean number.

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