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{10,882898,10} or 60 sextillion or 65 and 55

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Q: Write down five numbers so that its mode is 60?
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How do you find the mode if there isn't a recurring number?

Then either there is no mode or you write down that all the numbers are the mode.

What do you do when you have three modes and they're each two numbers?

If you have 3 modes, write down the three as your answer. If the mode has two numbers, just write one of the numbers down.Repeat on the other two modes.

What is the mean of 5 numbers is 6 and the mode is 7?

the mean of five numbers is 6 and the mode is 7 what are the numbers

How do you find the mode for five different numbers?

If all the members of a set are different values, there is no mode.

The median of five numbers is 15 and the mode is 6 and the mean is 12 What are the five numbers?

6, 6, 15, 16, 17

What to do if there is 2 modes in a problem?

Write them both down. Ex: 22556 Answer: 2 and 5 .But if there is a situation like 2255, then say No Mode because if all the numbers in a set appear the same number of times there is no mode. :)

What are six numbers with a range of nine and a mode of five?


Mode 21 34 56 77 88?

Since there are five different numbers, all of those five numbers are the modes in that collection.

What is the mean and mode of a list of five whole numbers?

the mean is another word for "average". the mode is the number that occurs the most. for example, the mean for the numbers:4,9,8,3,8,4,4,8,4 is 48.4. the mode is 4 because it occurs the most.

Write a C plus plus to find median and mode of a number?

The median and mode of any number is the same number. The mode of 5 is 5, as is the median of 5. In other words, you need two or more numbers to determine the median and mode of those numbers.

What five numbers have a mode of 3 and a mean of 4?

I suppose many numbers do, but the answer I came up with was: 2,3,3,5,7

When you are doing math and your mode has two different numbers that appear twice how do you figure out the mode?

"you don't need to do anything. this is called BIMODAL. just write both numbers down as your answer." OR average them (add them and divide by two). I'm sure the average would be an acceptable answer. it is in my experience

What is a mode math?

The mode is the number that shows up the most in a sequence of numbers. Ex. 5,3,2,8,9,10,10,4,5,5. Since five show up the most( 3 TIMES) THEN THIS MAKES IT THE MODE

How do you find the mode if the sequence has only one of each number?

There is no mode, so just write no mode. Solution solved, I had the same problem but then I just asked my Teacher and if there are two modes you write down both.

What five numbers have a mode of 6 and a range of 8?

6 6 6 6 14

What five numbers have the mode as 6 and the range as 8?

1 4 6 6 9

What five numbers have a mean of 7 a median of 6 a range of 9 and a mode of 4?


What is mode in math terms?

Mode, is basically the number that appears the most in a list of numbers. For Example: Ashley has five numbers in a piece of paper which are 2,6,5,2, and 9. Out of the five numbers the one that appears the most is two, so two will be your mode in this example. Mode is the only average that can be used with non-numeric data. For example, if you did a survey of favourite milk shake flavours you would find that one would be the favourite of more people than any other - this flavour would be the mode flavour.

there are 3 number cards the numbers are hiddenThe mode of the 3 numbers is 7The highest number is not 7The range is 4 what are the 3 numbers write them from smallest to largest?

I believe the answer is: 7,7,11

Mean median mode and range?

Mean: Add all of the numbers in the data set, then divide by the amount of numbers in the set of data. Median: Order the numbers from least to greatest and find the middle number. If there is more than one number in the middle, add the 2 numbers together, then divide by two. Mode: To find the mode, look for the number that appears most in the data set. If there is a tie, write them both down. Range: To determine the range, subtract the smallest number to the biggest number.

What if you have 2 numbers how do you find the mode?

If there is no repeated numbers there is simply no mode. If there is two numbers that are the same, (example: 3,3) then that will be your mode. (Data: 3,3 Mode:3)

What are five numbers with a range of 7 a median of 8 and a mode of 5?

5, 5, 8, 10, 12.

How do you find a mode if 3 numbers appear the same number of times?

I think what the asker meant was: 4,4,4,5,5,5,6,6,6 , in which case I would simply write "there is no Mode" or "4, 5, and 6" It would be treated the same way as 1,2,3,4 , which has no mode. Final answer: I would put "no mode"

How do you find the mode of numbers if there are no repeating numbers?

there is no mode at all then

When there is no mode in a problem can you just write all the numbers?

I wouldn't, I would just say that there is no unique mode. While it is true that if all numbers have a frequency of 1 then every value is the mode, however this provides no analytical insight and thus it is pointless to say that all values are the mode. However it would be wise to note that if there is no mode then there is a uniform distribution which would indicate that all values are equally likely.