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5 divided by 15 is equal to 1/3

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Q: Write the division expression as a fraction 5 divide by 15=?
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How do you write a fraction as a division expression?

A fraction is a division expression. 3/4 = three divided by four

How can you write a division expression for the fraction 5over9?

It is 5/9.

Can the division expression -415 shown as a fraction if yes write the fraction explain why or Reimer?

-415 is an integer so the answer is no.

How do you write a fraction as a deimal?

Using long division, divide the numerator by the denominator.

How can you explain if you can write a division expression as a decimal?

You can always write a numerical division expression as a decimal.

How do you change 11 over 25 into a decimal?

When you write " 11/25 ", that fraction, or any fraction, is really meant to indicate a division.If you want the decimal equivalent of the fraction, simply perform the long division ...divide 11 by 25, and the quotient you get is the decimal way to write the fraction.

Write the fraction as an equivalent percent?

To write a fraction as a percent, simply divide the numerator by the denominator (in your head, with a computer or calculator, or by hand using long division). Then simply multiply the answer by 100. Example: Write the fraction 3/8 as a percent. Answer: If we divide 3 by 8, we get 0.375. Multiply that by 100 to get 37.5%.

If you are using division to write a fraction as a decimal how do you know when to stop dividing?

if you r using division to write a fraction as a decimal how do u know when to stop dividing

How do you change a fraction to a mixed fraction?

You divide by the denominator. You write the result of the division as the whole number, and the remainder on top of the old denominator. Example: 14/3; divide 14 by 3. The result is 4, remainder is 2, so you write the result as 4 2/3.

How do you write an expression without a fraction bar?


When you write a fraction AS A decimal of the fractions?


How do i show division in word?

You could write "divided by" between the expression for the numerator and the expression for the denominator.

What are the rules of division and multiplication in algebraic expression?

If you multiply X by Y you have to write XY (in alphabetical order).If you divide X by 2 you should write X over 2 (like a fraction).

How do you write 18 over 32 as a decimal?

Simply perform the indicated division . . . divide 18 by 32 . The quotient is the decimal form of the fraction.

What is to write a fraction or expression in simplest form called?

reducing it

To write a fraction or expression in simplest form?


How can you write a fraction as a decimal?

Divide the denominator into the numerator.

What number would you divide by to write the fraction 60 over 80?

Divide by 80.

How do you write half as many pages as george as an algebraic expression?

Pages = George/2 Your can write the last part as George over 2 (with the fraction line), or George divide sign 2.

How do you write a fraction to a decimal?

divide the top form the bottom

How can you write a decimal as a fraction?

Just divide the denominator by the numerator.

Why can you write a division problem as a fraction?

when you are writing a division problem as a fraction u take the remainder of your problem and make it the numerator and make the number you are dividing by the denominator

How do you write the ratio as a fraction in simplest form?

Divide the numerator and denominator of the fraction by their greatest common factor.

How can you write that percentage as a fraction?

Divide the percentage by 100 and then simplify if required.

What is the reciprocal of -x plus 3?

The reciprocal of any number or expression is one divided by that number or expression. In this case, you can also write -x + 3 as 3 - x; the reciprocal would be 1 / (3 - x). The parentheses are necessary, to indicate that you want to divide 1 by the entire expression. But if you write it in fraction form, with "3 - x" on the bottom, no parentheses are required.