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Since .65 is said as "65 hundredths", it is refering to 65/100. Since Percent means "of 100", .65 as a percent is 65%

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Q: Write 0.65 as apercentage
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How do you write 15 over 25 as apercentage?

Multiply it by 100 and so 15/25 times 100 = 60%

What is 065?

065 is just another way to write 65 but in 3 digits. if a 0 is in front of a number it means nothing. If it is behind a number, it becomes larger such as 650. ________________________ Answer to your Question: 065 = 65

What is 0.065 as apercentage?

Multiply it by 100 and so 0.065 times 100 = 6.5%

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.065 US gallons = 8.32 US fluid ounces

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0.65 = 13/20

How do you say .065 in words?

Sixty-five thousandths.

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160 X .065 = 10.4

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