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Q: Write a C program to find out factorial if 10?
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How many zeros are possible factorial 10 to the power factorial 10?

Factorial 10 to the power factorial 10 will have 7257600 zeros.

Write a recursive procedure to compute the factorial of a number?

#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int i, number=0, factorial=1; // User input must be an integer number between 1 and 10 while(number<1 number>10) { cout << "Enter integer number (1-10) = "; cin >> number; } // Calculate the factorial with a FOR loop for(i=1; i<=number; i++) { factorial = factorial*i; } // Output result cout << "Factorial = " << factorial << endl;

Write a program using while loop?

//program to find the factorial value f any number using while loop #include<stdio.h> void main() { int i,n,fact=1; printf("Enter the number\n"); scanf("%d",&n); i=n; while (i>=1) { fact=fact*i; i--; } printf("The factorial value=%d",fact); } the above is a program for calculating tha factorial value of any number which is entered by the user

What is 10 factorial?

10! = 3,628,800

What value is equivalent to the following symbol 10!6!?

10! and 6! means factorial of 10, and factorial of 6, respectively. You can calculate that on most scientific calculators - or you can multiply all numbers from 1 to 6 for the factorial of 6, and all numbers from 1 to 10 for the factorial of 10.

What is a factorial loop?

An example in Java, to compute 10!: int factorial = 1; for(int i = 1; i < 11; i++) { factorial *= i; }

What is the factorial of 10?


What is factorial of 10 divided by factorial of 4?


How do you create factorial program in qbasic?

since factorial is for example , the factorial of 5 = 5 (5-1)(5-2)(5-3)(5-4) that means the last number to subtract from 5 is 4 , which is (n-1) ie the factorial of any number is (n-0)(.............)(n-(n-1)) to write this , 5 REM to calculate the factorial of any number 6 DIM fac AS INTEGER LET fac = 1 10 INPUT "enter the number to find its factorial "; a ' variable a 15 FOR b = 0 TO (a-1) 'numbers that will be subtracted from the " a" 20 c= a -b 'each number in the factorial calculation 25 fac = fac * c 'to compute each multiplication in the factorial 30 NEXT b 35 PRINT 'to leave a line 40 PRINT fac 45 END note this due to some unattained raesons works for numbers 0 to 7

How do you find factorials?

to find factorials you just multiply the factorial like this. for example 6! you would do 6x5x4x3x2. a little trick of mine is to multiply the previous factorial's answer by the factorial you are trying to make's number like this 6!=5! 5!=5x4x3x2 i hope this was helpful' Dayna,a 10 year old girl

What is the value for 10 factorial?


How do you find a factorial using Unix?

perl -e 'sub f { my $fu = shift; return 1 if $fu == 1; return f($fu - 1) * $fu; } print f(5), "\n";' just paste that in to a command prompt, change the print f(5) to print f(6) or whatever you want.