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Method 1:

Sort the array in descending order, compare 1st and 2nd if not same , return 2nd if same return -1

Method 2:

Find the largest number in the array, initialize another array with dimension 1 less than of original. Copy the array elements from the original array minus the largest element. not select largest from the second array and compare with the previous one if not same return the second largest if same return -1

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Q: Write a function in java that accepts an array of integers and returns the second largest integer in the array Return -1 if there is no second largest?
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There is no largest integers: they go on for ever.

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var largest : integer largest = array[0] for n : integer in array if n > largest largest = n endif endfor return largest

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For x, which is the largest integer of nconsecutive positive integers of which the smallest is m:x = m + n - 1

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The greatest common factor

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Let the smallest integer be 2n, the next integer is 2n + 2, and the largest one is 2n + 4. Then, we have:2n + (2n + 2) = (2n + 4) + 164n + 2 = 2n + 202n = 18 the smallest integer2n + 2 = 18 + 2 = 20 the next one2n + 4 = 18 + 4 = 22 the largest integerCheck

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x = the largest integer not exceeding x

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There is no such thing. whatever integer you name, no matter how large it is, I can always name an integer that's larger than the one you named. You may have not understood the question entirely. But i may be wrong. What is the SINGLE LARGEST POSITIVE INTEGER. This can be 9. 9 is a single integer, and is the largest of the positive single integers. 9 can be an answer.