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Q: Write is the pseudo code that reads two numbers and multiplies them together and print out their product?
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What is the pseudo code for a program that finds the product of two numbers?

int x; //first number int y; //second number int z = x*y;

Why is magnetic field vector a pseudo vector?

It is the cross product of two vectors. The cross product of two vectors is always a pseudo-vector. This is related to the fact that A x B is not the same as B x A: in the case of the cross product, A x B = - (B x A).

What is pseudo code algorithm for create a linked list with a header and insert a four numbers to the list?

pseudo code algorithm to create a linked list

How do you get a random number from a group of numbers in C?

Random numbers cannot be generated programatically. For pseudo-random numbers use function 'rand'.

Why are some vectors pseudo vectors and some real vectors?

Answer: There are no "pseudo vectors" there are pseudo "rules". For example the right hand rule for vector multiplication. If you slip in the left hand rule then the vector becomes a pseudo vector under the right hand rule. Answer: A pseudo vector is one that changes direction when it is reflected. This affects all vectors that represent rotations, as well as, in general, vectors that are the result of a cross product.

The output of the pseudo-random number generator?

Is a set of numbers that look random and will pass most tests of randomness.

Meaning of pseudo?

Pseudo means "Fake"

Does pseudo ephedrine interfere with the action of tetracycline?

No, those drugs may be taken together. Just don't overdose on the Sudafed!

What part of speech is the word pseudo?

Pseudo is an adjective.

What is a Pseudo Listening?

Pseudo Listening =Fake Listening

What is a pseudo pod?

What is a pseudo pod, well its a false foot.

When was Pseudo-City created?

Pseudo-City was created in 2005.