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y would equal 30.

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Q: Y equals xsquared plus 2x-3
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How do you graph y equals x squared -4x plus 2?


Is y equals x-xsquared plus 3 quadratic or linear?

Quadratic - the degree is two.

What is the value of 2x3 plus 15y if x equals -7 and y equals 2?

If x = -7, then x3 = -343 so that 2x3 = -686 y = 2 then 15 y = 30 So 2x3 + 15y = -686 + 30 = -656

How do you factor this Y equals xยณ plus 3xยฒ - 10x-24 and Y equals -xยณ -6xยฒ-3x plus 10?

It can be simplified in the form of: 2x3+9x2-7x-34 = 0

What is the minimum value of the function y equals xsquared-6x?

y = -9

What is the square rootof xsquared plus 2 xy plus y squared?


2x-y plus z equals 4?


What is the value of 2x3 plus 15yif x equals -7 and y equals 2?

x = -7, y = 2 ⇒ 2x3 + 15y = 2 x (-7)3 + 15 x 2 = 2 x (-343) + 15 x 2 = -656

What is x and y if x plus y equals 25 and the same x and y also works so that xsquared plus ysquared equals 144?

No real solutions. But if you want to find the imaginaries: x=.5(25-i(337)^.5) y=.5(25-i(337)^.5) x^.5= the square root of x

Is y equals xsquared times 5 linear?

No... whenever you have an exponent on your varaible your graph is not liner. this is a parabola.

What is y plus y plus y plus y equals?


If 3 plus y equals a 3-y equals a then a equals y equals?

a = 3 and y = 0

3x plus y equals 4 x plus y equals 0?

x = y = 0 ?

Which equation has the steepest graph y equals 7x plus 3 y equals -2x plus 6 y equals -10x - 4 y equals 8x - 1?


-y equals 4x plus 1 4x plus y equals 2?


If x plus 2 equals y and y equals 16 what is the value of x plus y?

x = 14

2x plus y equals -6 3x plus y equals -10?

x = -4 and y = 2

What does x equal in y equals x squared plus 4?

y equals x plus 4 when y equals 0 then x equals 2i i is the square root of negative 1

2x plus y equals 8 and x plus y equals 6?

x = 2y = 4

What is the solution for 3x plus y equals -2 y equals -x plus 4?

x = -3, y = 7

X plus y equals 10 and y equals x plus 8?

(1, 9)

Y-8x plus 9y equals?

Y-8x plus 9y equals 10y-8x.

2x plus y equals 7 x plus y equals 4?

(3, 1)

X equals y plus 3 2x plus y equals -3?

(0, -3)

Are y equals -3x plus 2 and y plus 3x equals 4 parallel?

Their graphs are.