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the first rectangle is 8cm x 5cm the second rectangle has an area of half of 40 = 20 sq cm it could be 4cm x 5cm or 8cm x2.5cm or 10cm x 2cm or any pair of numbers whose product is 20 if you wanted the rectangles to be congruent ie have the same ratio of length to width then you need to employ Irrational Numbers the answer in this case is 8 divided by sqrt(2) for length and 5 divided by sqrt(2) for width or approximately 5.6568542494923801952067548968388cm x 3.5355339059327376220042218105242 cm

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Q: You a rectangle has an area of 40 square cm and has a length of 8 cm and another rectangle is one-half the size of the other rectangle what is the width of the rectangle that is one-half the area of?
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Does a square and a rectangle has equal length?

A square (a by a) and a rectangle (a by b) can have sides that are of equal length.

What is the different between the square and rectangle?

square has four equal sides a rectangle has two sides of one length and two of another and the rectangle is longer and thinner

How is a square a rectangle but a rectangle isn't a square?

A square is a 4-sided shape in which all of the sides are same length, but a rectangle is a 4-sided shape in which a side parallel to another side are the same length. A square meets a rectangle's requirements, but since the rectangle's sides don't all have to be the same size, it doesn't meet the square's requirements

Can a square also be a rectangle?

A square is a special case of a rectangle. Every square is a rectangle, but not every rectangle is a square. A square is a rectangle with four sides that are all equal in length.

Can a rectangle fit in a square?

no because rectangle's length is larger than that of square

When is a rectangle square?

A rectangle is a square when all four of its sides have equal length.

How do you find the length of rectangle or square if the area and width are known?

For a rectangle or square, Area = Length * Width So Length = Area / Width.

What is the length times width for a rectangle?

It is the square area of the rectangle

Is a rectangle another word for a square?

a square is a special rectangle

The area of a rectangle is 56.25 square inches. The length of the rectangle is12.5 inches what is the width?

The area of a rectangle is 56.25 square inches. The length of the rectangle is12.5 inches what is the width

What makes square and rectangle the same?

They are not technically the same. A square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square. A rectangle requires opposite sides to be the same length. A square's opposite sides are the same length so it is a rectangle. A square requires all sides to be the same length, not just opposite sides. So most rectangles are not squares.

Is rectangle always square?

A square is a rectangle that just happens to have all its sides of equal length. That is the only instance in which a rectangle is a square, so no. A rectangle is not always a square.

What expression describe the length of the rectangle the length of the rectangle is 84.5 square centimeter?

The length of a triangle can't be expressed in square units and only its area is expressed in square units

If the area of a rectangle is 96 square inches what is the length of the rectangle if the length is 8 inches?


What is the main difference between a square and a rectangle?

A square has exactly 4 sides all the same length A rectangle has 4 sides but 2 one length 2 another 2 longer 2 shorter:)))

Is a rectangle a square or a square a rectangle?

A square is rectangle with all its sides are equal in length. The rectangle has: (a) opposites sides are parallel. (b) opposite angles are equal

If the area of a rectangle is 8 square inches and the length of the rectangle is twice it's width what is the length and width of the rectangle?


What does a non-square rectangle look like?

Any rectangle that does not have all of its sides of equal length will be a non-square rectangle. A square is a special form of rectangle. In a rectangle, all its interior angles are right angles. If all four sides are the same length, it's a square. If not, it's a non-square rectangle.

A wire is first bent into the shape of a rectangle with width and length Then the wire is unbent and reshaped into a square What is the length of a side of the square?

(width side of the rectangle + length side of the rectangle) divided by 2

Why is a rectangle not always a square?

The length of the rectangle way not be equal to the width.

What does area of a rectangle mean?

Area of a square/rectangle=its length × its width

What makes a square a special kind of rectangle?

A square is a rectangle in which all the sides are the same length.

Why can a rectangle also be a square?

it cant all sides have to be equilateral edit- a rectangle cannot be a square. however, a square can be a rectangle. reedit - A rectangle can be a square, however, a square must be a rectangle. A rectangle has four 90 degree angles, which a square also has. The rectangle has two pairs of equal length sides, which a square also has. The only additional requirement for a square is that the length of all four sides be equal, which is not ruled out for a rectangle.

Does a rectangle with a length of 6 ft and a width of 4 ft or a square garden with a side length of 5 ft?

no because the square's length is bigger than the rectangle's length

What is a rectangle with equal length and wide?