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Yes, of course, you can apply Rush Vietnam visa service online. They support Vietnam visa in urgent case and Vietnam visa at weekend and Holiday. Many Immigration Services.

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Q: You are in urgent case. Can you get Vietnam visa in one day or a half of day?
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Related questions

How do you check your Vietnam visa approval letter processing status?

Visa pre-approval letter is a letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department (Vietnam Government Agency) allows you enter and exit Vietnam for a given time period. Before issuing an approval letter, the Office checks and screens visa application very strictly and copy of the same document will be transmitted to Vietnam immigration checkpoints at International Airports or Embassy/Consulate so there is no case that you will be rejected at Vietnam airport or Vietnam Embassy/Consulate when you have a visa pre-approval letter in hand. For more about details :

How many types of visa to Vietnam?

If you plan to travel to Vietnam for the first time, for business or for pleasure, you need to apply for and obtain Vietnam visa. Vietnam Immigration Office categorize visa into different types of Vietnam visa such as Tourist visa, Business visa and visa for other purposes. It is wise to equip yourself with detailed visa information on different types of Vietnam visa and apply only for the visa Vietnam type that fits your travel purpose in order to avoid unnecessary complications. Get help today,

Can you get a visa for Vietnam whilst on board a cruise ship?

You can not get Vietnam visa on arrival if you immigrate Vietnam by Ship. You should get Vietnam visa stamp at one of Vietnam Embassy or Consulates at abroad. If you want to get Visa stamp upon arrival, you have to come in by flight. For more visa help, check with

Where can you apply for a Vietnam visa online?

Getting visa to Vietnam is quite simple and easy now. There are 2 options for getting Vietnam visa : 1/ Getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy before you coming Vietnam. You can contact with Vietnam embassy directly for applying Vietnam visa, or you can get your visa stamped at embassy with pre-approved letter with code for pick up Vietnam visa at embassy from Vietnam Immigration Department. For the pre-approved letter, you can ask any travel agent in Vietnam or with us, they will arrange pre-approved letter for you with small charge for the service 2/ Getting Vietnam visa upon arrival Vietnam (pick up Vietnam visa at the check-in point). This is simple and easy way but rarely people kmow. You can ask any travel agent in Vietnam or with us by click Send visa form online then we will arrange pre-approved letter for Vietnam visa pick up upon arrival. We recommend for visa upon arrival as it is legally, no additional fee, no fail. Vietnam now opening and calling for more travellers, more business people coming to Vietnam. With visa upon arrival, Vietnam wishes to gain more tourists, more investors come to Vietnam for discovering the hidden charm of Vietnam. To apply your visa to Vietnam, check

How can get a visa?

Vietnam is a beautiful friendly country and is a popular travel spot.Passport holders can obtain Vietnam tourist visa in two ways. These two are · Applying visa through Vietnam Embassy, · Obtaining on arrival visa. For more information about Vietnam visa :

How can Vietnam visa help people?

A Vietnam visa will only help travelers who are visiting Vietnam. It is also worth remembering that Vietnam is divided. Check that the visa you have is for the right country, either North Vietnam or South Vietnam.

How do you Get Vietnam Visa from France?

Get your Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy in France Or you can apply online through an agent in Vietnam to get approval letter for picking up your visa on arrival at Vietnam airports.

Are Vietnam online visas legal?

Yes, Vietnam visa online is legal. The called Vietnam visa online infact you submit your Vietnam visa quest through a website of an agent then the agent will submit your visa request to Vietnam Immigration Department to get approval letter for pick up your visa on arrival at Vietnam international airports. This kind of visa service open for travelers located far from Vietnam embassy or consulate.

Is online Vietnam visa legitimate?

Yes, Vietnam visa online is legal. You apply online through an agent then that agent will submit your visa to Vietnam Immigration Department (Vietnam government) to get approval letter for your visa on arrival.

How do you get Vietnam visa from Malaysia?

Citizens or residents in Malaysia can choose between two options to get a Vietnam Visa: - One, reaching the Vietnam Embassy in Malaysia to apply for a visa by yourself (see the above address); or - Two, applying online for a Vietnam visa on arrival (Get your Vietnam Visa approval letter before you go and pickup Vietnam visa at Vietnam international airport within 1 or 2 working days) .

Where do you get a vietnamese visa?

Get your visa at Vietnam embassy or online through an agent in Vietnam if entering Vietnam via airport.

What are visa requirements for Irish visitor into Vietnam?

There are 2 ways to get visa for Vietnam: 1. Get visa at Vietnam Embassy. 2. You can you can apply online through an agent in Vietnam.

How can you get a Vietnamese visa on arrival?

Apply online through an agent in Vietnam then they will submit to get approval letter from Vietnam Immigration for your visa. Just print the approval letter to show for pick up your visa on arrival when you reach Vietnam airport Visit visa-vietnam

How do you get a Visa for Vietnam from Akrotiri?

Unfortunately, there is no Vietnam embassy available in Akrtoiri - Cyprus. If you want to get Vietnam visa you should apply online through an agent in Vietnam to get approval letter for picking up your Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnam international airport.

What are Vietnam visa requirements for Canadian citizens?

As a citizen of Canada, you are required Visa to visit Vietnam. Since 1996, all Canadian citizens come to Vietnam can pick up visa at Vietnam international airports.

Do British need visa for Vietnam?

British citizens are required visa for entering Vietnam.

How do you get Vietnam visa in UK?

There are 2 ways for you to get a Vietnam visa in UK:1. Getting Vietnam visa at Vietnam embassy before coming to Vietnam:2. Getting Vietnam visa on arrival (VOA):

How much will it cost a uS citizen to get a tourist visa to Vietnam?

It depends on the way you choose to get the visa, directly at Vietnam embassy / consulate or apply online to get Vietnam visa on arrival

What is Vietnam visa on arrival?

It means you get your visa when you get to the airport in Vietnam. Most countries make you apply for the visa ahead of time and already have it before you leave your home country; Vietnam does not.

Do children need a tourist visa to enter Vietnam?

It depends on your citizenship. If your citizenship required visa for entering Vietnam then you should apply visa for your children if they have their own passport. For Vietnam visa on arrival, children must apply for approved letter to get visa on arrival at Vietnam airport as adults but they will not pay stamp fee if they are in same passport with parents. For any visa related queries, visit

Who need visa to Vietnam?

Only citizens of certain countries can visit Vietnam without an entry visa (within 30days). All other citizens are required to get an entry visa before departure or a pre-approved entry visa (visa is issued on arrival at Vietnam's International Airports) supplied before arrival in Vietnam.

Do American citizens need a visa to visit Vietnam?

A visa is required for US citizens to travel to Vietnam, China, and a number of other countries. To get Vietnam Visa within 2-3 working days, you can get help from

How does a Lebanese passport holder have a visa to Vietnam?

According to Vietnam Visa Requirements for Lebanon citizens by Vietnam Immigration regulations, ordinary Lebanon passport holders are not approved to have Vietnam Visa in conventional way. To get Vietnam Visa, Lebanon passport holders must have a Vietnamese organization, individual guaranteeing your staying in Vietnam for you. As a local agent with great command, we now can guarantee for Lebanon citizens enter Vietnam with tourist purpose. The allowed staying duration in Vietnam for Lebanon citizens is 21 days. Please contact us or call us: (84) 943 25 25 52 to get advice for your specific case.

Do Mexicans need visa for Vietnam?

Mexican passport holders are required a visa for entering Vietnam.

You are from UK will i need a visa for Vietnam?

Yes . You are required to apply for Vietnam visa . Without the Visa approval letter , you can not enter the country . For further information about Getting Vietnam visa .Please go to , email at