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That depends on whether it's simple interest or compound interest.

If compound, then it also depends on how often interest is compounded.


$1,200 at 4% simple interest for 30 years adds up to $2,640.

$1,200 at 4% interest compounded quarterly for 30 years adds up to $3,960.46.

You can see that it does make a difference.

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Q: You deposit 1200 dollars a year at 4 percent interest what is your balance at the end of 30 years?
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How much will you get in a year if you deposit 100 dollars with at a 6 percent interest rate?

6 dollars.

You deposit 10 dollars per month in a bank that offers an annual interest rate of 6 percent at the end of three years your balance is what?


You deposit 700 in an account that pays 8 percent interest compounded yearlyfind the balance after 13 years?

You will have 1903.737 dollars in your account at the end of 13 years. The year wise end balance will be:756816.48881.798952.3421028.531110.8121199.6771295.6511399.3031511.2471632.1471762.7191903.737This is under the assumption that you don't deposit any fresh funds into your account and initial 700 dollars + the accumulated interest is all that is available in the account.

If you deposit 20000 in a savings account at 9.1 percent interest per year how much will you have in 17 years?

50,940 dollars

What is the balance after 7 years if you deposit 350 every quarter into a savings account that earns 4.5 percent interest compounded quarterly?

$11,573.02 if you deposit at the beginning of the quarter or $11,444.27 if you deposit at the end of the quarter

A bank pays interest at 5 percent per annum the capital in the bank is 500 what is the interest for 1 year?

500 x 0.05 = 25 . so the interest you earn is 25 dollars each year if you deposit 500 dollars.

What is the balance after 8 years on a deposit of 500.00 earning 7 percent interest compound semiannually?

(1.035)16 = 1.73398604 $500 ===> $866.99 (rounded)

What is the interest and balance of 375 at 4 percent for 5 years?

If compounded, interest = 81.244 and balance = 456.245 If not compounded, interest = 75 and balance = 450

If you deposit 10000 on 3 percent interest what would it be weekly?


If Marty maintains an average balance of 3500 dollars on a credit card that he uses only for necessary purchases and the bank charges 19.9 percent interest how much interest will he pay?

He pays $696.50 interest.

What is the account balance if you deposit 125 at 6 percent for 10 years?

It is 223.86

How can find interest percent in Rs100000?

First find out what the interest rate is from the money lender or deposit taker.

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