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you would get a 70

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Q: You got 6 questions wrong out of 20 what is your score?
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If there are 20 questions on a test and you get one wrong what is your score?


How can you find the grade average from 20 wrong out of 75 questions?

If you got 20 problems wrong on a 75 question test your grade would be 73% or a C. You can find that by subtracting the amount of questions you got wrong from the amount you got right, 55 in this case. Divide the amount of correct questions by the amount of questions on the test to get .733333. That is the grade.

How many questions can you get wrong to get an 80 percent if there are 100 questions?

You can get 20 questions wrong.

What score would you get on a test if you got three wrong out of twenty?

17/20, 85%

What percent of questions were answered correctly if you got one wrong and there are Twelve questions?

19/20 as a percentage = 100*19/20 = 95%

What would be your score if you got 20 questions right out of 35?

If scoring is out of 100pts.... 20/35= 57

What grade is 7 questions wrong out of 20?


What score do you need to pass a new york permit test?

from what I have heard you can get a 14 out of 20 to pass. That is up to 6 questions wrong.

How many questions did you miss if you got a 64 on a 20 question test?

If all the questions were worth the same amount and 100 percent was a perfect score, then each question would be worth five points and getting seven wrong would get you a 65. Since you got a 64, there must be some scoring information that you neglected to tell us.

If you get 20 questions wrong out of 50 what is my grade?

If you get 20 wrong out of 50 questions what is your grade?

What score do you get when you miss 2 out of 20 questions?

You get a 90 as a score when you miss 2 out of 20 questions because each question is worth 5 points.

The CAT score for Vocabulary came back 94 percentile on a score of 20 questions out of 20 questions correct..could you explain this?

Yes. Your percentile score tells you the percent of people who took the same testand scored lower than you did. If 94% scored lower than you, you were one of the6% of the people who took the test who got all 20 questions in that section correct.

What is your score if you missed 5 questions out of 20?


4 wrong out of 20 questions what is your grade?

What if you miss four Questions out of 20 what is my grade

How many questions can you get wrong to get an 80 percent if there are 16 questions?

You can get at most 20% wrong. 20% of 16 is 16*20/100 = 3.2 Since you cannot get 0.2 questions wrong, the maximum possible is 3 questions.

If there are 20 questions how many questions could you get wrong on the leaners test?


How do you grade a full shsat practice test?

I'm not sure if this is the EXACT way to grade this, but your score will be close or the same to the one that you will really get and this is the way I grade the test :):There are 45 questions combining logic and reading. There are 5 scrambled paragraphs and 50 math questions. You do not get penalties for wrong answers. After you're done with the test, check the answer key to see how many questions you got wrong. Matk the ones you got wrong on the answer sheet and then count how many you got wrong. For example, if you got 5 wrong in the Math section, you subtract that from the 50 amount of questions there are in the section and you get 45 right? So each math question is worth 8 points. Multiply 8*45 and you get the score for that section. You only count the amount of questions you got right. So if you got 45 right and 5 wrong, you ONLY multiply 45 and 8. Now you're done with that section. Just so you know, the scrambled paragraphs are worth 2 raw points each. Do the same with that section. If you get 1 scrambled paragraph wrong, you multiply 4*2 and you get 8. Each question combining the logical reasoning and the reading is worth 8.75 points each. If you get a decimal score for that part, round it. so if you get none wrong in logical reasoning, and let's say, 5 wrong in reading, you multiply 40*8.75, correct? Well for the rest of the info you gotta know, the WHOLE test is 200 out of 800. That means you cannot get a score lower that 200. It is impossible because the questions are not THAT hard that you cannot get ANY of them wrong. Each section is out of 400 so if you got more than 400 on any section, you have done something wrong. BTW, in this case, you get 360 for math section, and 350 for logic and reading, and also, don't forget that you add 8 also, for the scrambled paragraphs. All together, your score will be: 718. GREAT JOB! (imaginary person.) lol. The farthest away this score will be from the real score you got will be 60 points. Regularly the score will be 20 points less, so it will be 698 which is still GREAT!Edited by SamCActually, while 698 is an excellent grade, that is not correct. To convert from your raw score to your scaled score, the NYCDOE uses a different formula each year. They do not solicit it. Your scaled score is also not proportionate to your raw score.While I am writing this, let me tell you this as advice for this test. In 2005, a NY Times article said that scoring in the 99th percentile on one part and the 50 on the other would be better than 90 on both. Basically, concentrate on your stronger subject, making sure that you get almost all of those questions right. Do it first on the test, and take a good amount of time on it, just not too much over 1:45 on that part.Actually, you add up the # of questions you got right from the Logic/Reading. Lets say you got 39 right. Then, you count how many paragraphs you got completely right, and you multiply that by 2. Lets say you got paragraph 2,3, and 5 all right. You got 6 points on that section. You then add that to the number of right answers on the logic and reading. In this case 39+6=45, so you got a 45/50Math, you just figure out the number of questions you got right and that over 50/ So it could be 39/50 if you missed 11.

If you get 2 wrong out of 20 questions what is your grade?

If you get 2 wrong out of 20 then its a 90 percent

Took a test that had 20 questions. Total grade was computed by 10 points for each correct and 5 point deduction for each wrong. All questions were answered with a score of 125. How many were wrong?

well you can go to answer right under ask and it will give you a list you can answers

If you get 6 wrong out of 20 questions what is your grade?

70% , which is a C. If you got 6 wrong, that means you got 14 right. 14/20 can simplify down to 7/10 (divide both the numerator and denominator by 7), and 7/10 is a 70%.

If you get 19 out of 20 questions right what would your score be?

19 out of 20 is 95%

What is your score if you miss 8 out of 20 questions?


How many questions do you have to get right to score a 70 percent on a test of 20 questions?


What is your score if you miss 5 question out of 25 questions?

Your score is the part of the test where you supplied correct answers.On a test with 25 questions, if you missed 5, you answered (25 - 5) = 20 correctly.If every questions was worth the same credit, then your score is 20/25 = 80% .I'm hoping fervently that it wasn't a math test.

What is 9 questions wrong out of 20?