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The dimensions would be 512 feet long x 431.346094 feet wide.

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Q: You have 5.07 acres and you know the length is 512 feet so what is the width?
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How many feet length x width equals .5 acres?

0.5 acres = 21,780 square feet.So you know that (length) times (width) must be 21,780 but there are noother constraints on what the dimensions must be. There are an infinite numberof possible length/width combinations.

What is the width in feet on 2.54 acres of land?

An acre is a unit for area. Width x length. You can obtain the 2.54 acre area with a lot of length and width combinations. If you don't know the length, you cannot determine with any certainty what the width will be.

How many feet of fence for 2 acres?

Depends on the length and width. The more square the field the less fencing it will take. You need to measure the perimeter. Since it is a rectangle and not a square, you must first measure the length or width. Say you measure the width since it is the shortest of the two. There are 43560 square feet in one acre or 87120 square feet in your two acres. So length times width equals 87120. Therefore 87120 divided by width (which you know since you measured it) will give you the length. The amount of fence you need is two times the length plus two times the width. If your two acres were square, each side would be the square root of 87120 or 295.16 feet. Your fence would need to be four times that or 1180.64 feet of fence

What is the length and width of 2.5 acres?

The area doesn't tell you the shape or dimensions. There are an infinite numberof different shapes, and an infinite number of rectangles with different dimensions,that all have the same area.If the field is 2.5 acres, then all you know about it is that IF all 4 corners are square,then the length in feet, multiplied by the width in feet, must be 108,900 . (Or, if themeasurements are in yards, then the product must be 12,100 .) But you don't knowwhat the length or the width must be.

What is the length and width of 846 square feet?

if your object is a rectangle then it is not possible to figure out the exact length of and width because we do not know the ratio of the length to width. if your object is a square then... the length is 29.08607914 the width is 29.08607914

How many square feet are 43 linear feet?

square feet must have both a length and a width. If you know the width then multiply to get the area in square feet.

How to find cubic feet?

you must know the length, the width and the height. Multiply the length x width x height and you have the cubic measurement

What is the length and width of 30 acres?

One acre equals:0.0015625 square miles,4,840 square yards,43,560 square feet orabout 4,047 square metres (0.405 hectares)So, an acre is a unit of area. To know the length and width, the heometry sholud be known.For example it could be:a rectangle of length 1000 meters and width 4.047 meters, ora rectangle of length 500 meters and width 8.094 metersa square of length = width = 63.616 meters

How do you find the width if given the length and area?

If this is for a square or rectangle... the formula is: Area=Length x Width so, if you know the Area and the Length, the Width would be found this way: Area/Length = Width, or written out: Area divided by Length = Width Example: A rectangle where the known dimensions are: Area = 30 feet squared Length = 6 feet 30 feet squared / 6 feet = 5 feet Answer: Width = 5 feet Special Note: The units for the Area, meaning feet or inches or centimeters or whatever unit you're measuring in, the "Area" answer is always in Square Units. This is because as you multiply the length units times the width units, the units are multiplied and are thus "squared units." Hope this helps!

What is the length of your property if the area is 8276.4 square feet?

You need to know the width too.

What is the Length and width of swimming pool for schools?

A width of a pool is how much feet of water its can provide you with,you just need to know what you are capable of.

What is the width of a rectangle with a perimeter 70 feet if its length is 1 foot?

The width is 34 feet. Since you know the length (l) of one side is 1 foot, and the perimeter is 70 feet, then each of the longest sides is 70/2-l