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go see your doctor. Pregnancy tests often give false negatives, but rarely give false positives. Or there could be a problem with the IUD which needs sorting.

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Q: You have had your IUD for 7 months you have taken 2 preg tests 1 said negative the 2nd said positive what do you do?
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I haven't had my period in 2 months I've taken 3 pregnancy tests and all were negative Am I pregnant?

Go and see your Doctor.

Can hydrocodone test positive for meth?

Negative hydrocodone tests positive for opiates

Am I pregnant if I got two negative tests one day and two positive tests the next day?

You are most likely pregnant. Chances are the tests taken the first day were used just before you had enough hCG to confirm pregnancy, one day later the hCG had increased enough to give you your positive pregnancy tests. This is why false negative pregnancy tests are very common if used too soon. False positive tests are very rare.

Are you pregnant if you have taken 3 pregnancy tests and two were negative and one positive and have missed your period by two weeks?

Take tests at a doctors and don't trust the home pregnancy ones.

You have had 3 positive blood pregnancy tests and one negative home pregnancy test which was taken after the first positive blood test was reported what does this mean?

It means that either the blood tests were wrong or the home pregnancy test was wrong

How accurate are positive and negative pregnancy tests?

About 98% accurate if positive, less accurate if negative as there are more things that can give you a false negative. The test can be taken too soon after conception, wait until a missed period if you can, taken at the wriong time of day, a morning urine is best, or taken after drinking to much so the hormone is too diluted.

Why is the benedict's test show negative on sugar?

Its not , it tests positive.

Biochemical tests for Salmonella and Shigella?

urease - negative ONPG - positive Lysine - positive

Can you be 3 months pregnant and the tests come out negative?


Can you have a negative test and then have positive test for chlamydia?

Yes, you can have a negative, then positive, test for chlamydia if you are newly infected or if one of the tests is wrong.

Can you get a positive pregnancy test and then after two days later two negative tests?

yes you can, its called a false positive. However check with your doctor to see if you are pregnant as it could be that the negative tests were wrong.

Can a positive ANA change to a negative ANA?

I have had blood several blood tests. In some, there is a positive ana and in others it's negative. What causes this?

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