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Sounds like gnats

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Q: You have many tiny flying insect anyone know what is might be?
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What flying insect burrows into the ground?

I don't know but my grandpa has these in his front yard, I'm trying to figure it out too

Where you might you find a flying lizard?

i dont know its to hard

What type of animal is a millipede?

For what i know they are dangerous they are poisonous so it might be an insect

Did anyone get a flying jellyfish on video?

No i have not but i know somebody who did Look up red sprites

What is the name of a Little black flying insect?

i dont know but i have been bit by a simalir insect with 2 red spots on its wings, no visable stinger.... i dont know but i have been bit by a simalir insect with 2 red spots on its wings, no visable stinger....

How do dragonflies kill bees?

Dragonflies generally capture insects on-the-fly. You may see dragonflies flying or waiting on a branch or cattail. When an unsuspecting insect comes flying along, they either launch toward the pray, or swoop in from above. This happens very fast. Dragonflies capture an insect by forming a sort of net with its legs. As they approach, they net the insect by coming in faster than the insect is flying, they fly very slightly higher than the insect, thus allowing the insect to slip into the net formed by its legs. They then eat the insect alive. Now, I do not know for sure if dragonflies actually pursue bees specifically, but if they do, this is the method used.

I know that frogs like flies but what other insects do they like best?

- Dragonflies - other tiny frogs - any other flying insect

Would mindless behavior date fans does anyone know?

They might they might not

How does a leaf insect walking leaf go through metamorphosis?

I dont know, can anyone of u answer because i dont know much about leaf insects

When i was younger i was bit by a bug with a skull on it and bit me in the anus and sorry this is nasty but its true and does anyone might know wat it might be?

If you need to find out what kind of bug or insect fits your description you could check on or contact your local Entomologist, located at a local museum or university.

If insect larvae and Daphnia are main food sources in a pond but the Insect Larvae mature and fly away what might happen to the population of Daphnia as a result?

i really don't know that's why i asked you but i guess nobody really know's

Will there be flying cars in future?

Nobody knows if it is true but you never know somebody might invent flying cars any day.dfdgdghcadsgbdaferhfvferfgermhbvmdfhgbvefnhrgtffdnhgttrfernhyhjgrnhjghmghrmgfernhgfrgrhgfehfrgfergferjygfrenhgferhjgferjgfer fgfxhdbffgfxhdbfI also think that it depends on the things we know in the future