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#4 thhn copper or # 2 aluminum

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Q: You want to put 100 amp meter in old small house what gauge wire should you use for main service?
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What gauge of cooper service wire for 200A service to meter box and service panel?


What gauge of service wire should you run for 100 amp meter?

My memory says correct gauge for 100 amp service is 1 0 (that is, one ought) I could be wrong, check with your power company or building inspector.

What size cable is used for house wiring?

Copper SE cable gauge 00 from the meter socket to the breaker panel for a 200A service. Then 8, 10, 12, and 14 gauge wire depending on the load.

What gauge wire should be used to run 320 amp service 500 feet from the meter base?

No, because there is not enough information. The voltage is needed.

Why pressure gauge is called a gauge not a meter?

Because Pressure gauge measures the the differenceof pressure so it is called pressure gauge not meter.

How deep should a main water line be from meter to house in Kentucky?

how deep should water line be from meter to house in Versailles Kentucky

What should the volt meter gauge read in a 1993 jeep yj?

what should the volt meter guage read in my '93 Jeep Wrangler 13.5 to 14.2?

What size copper wire between meter base and load center for 200 amp service?

Number 2 American Wire Gauge

How many kilometer of broad gauge and meter gauge in India?


How many gauge in 1 meter?


Exterior electrical service wires connected on a house 3 feet from what?

The point of connection will be at the utility meter base, Whether the service is installed from a pole (overhead) or underground. In an overhead installation, the conductors may physically attach to the house at points other than the meter base, but they will always end up at the meter base.

How do you connect wires from the transformer to the house?

Usually the power provider will conned the wires to the transformer. If your house if fed over head, your service will attached to an insulated attachment point on the house or service mast. Then they will pass through the meter, and then into the main breaker in your electrical panel. If your house is fed underground the service wire will be burred underground and enter the electrical meter from the bottom If you can elaborate a little more I can give you a more precise answer

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