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You were born in August 1974 how old are you?

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How old is David longstaff?

born 26 August 1974

How old would you be if you were born on August 14 1974?


How old is Affion Crockett?

Affion Crockett is 42 years old (born August 11, 1974).

How old is Kajol?

Kajol Mukherjee Devgan is 43 years old (born August 5, 1974).

How old is Jason Coleman?

Australian-born UK cricketer Jason Coleman is 43 years old (born August 21, 1974).

How old was Barack Obama in 1974?

President Barack Obama was born August 4th, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii. He was 13 in 1974.

How old is Derek Fisher from the LA Lakers?

Derek Fisher was born on August 9, 1974.

How old is Zain Bhikha?

South African singer Zain Bhikha is 43 years old (born August 9, 1974).

How old is Dougie Freedman?

Dougie Freedman was born on the 25th May, 1974. As of the 13th August, 2013 he is 39 years old.

When was Lawrence August born?

Lawrence August was born on August 18, 1974, in Hanover Park, Illinois, USA.

What is misha Collins age and when is his birthday?

Misha Collins is 39 years old and was born on August 20th 1974

How old is Landau Eugene Murphy Jr?

Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. is 39 years old. He was born on August 11, 1974.

When was Brimstone born?

Brimstone was born on August 22, 1974.

When was Jeff and Matt hardy born?

Matt Hardy was born September 23, 1974. He is 35 years old. Jeff Hardy was born August 31, 1977. He is 32 years old.

How old is Joh'Vonnie Jackson?

Michael Jackson's half-sister Joh'vonnie was born August 30, 1974, and will be 35 years old on her 2009 birthday.

If you were born in August 1974 hold are you now?


When was joh'vonnie Jackson born?

August 30, 1974.

If you were born today in 1974 how old?

If you were born today, in 1974, you would be, 36.

How old is Chris Crippin from Hedley?

August 4, 1974 He is 36 years old.

When was Kily GonzΓ‘lez born?

Kily González was born on August 4, 1974.

When was Keenan Milton born?

Keenan Milton was born on August 4, 1974.

When was Alvin Ceccoli born?

Alvin Ceccoli was born on August 5, 1974.

When was Manuel Greil born?

Manuel Greil was born on August 5, 1974.

When was Antoine Sibierski born?

Antoine Sibierski was born on August 5, 1974.

When was Ever Carradine born?

Ever Carradine was born on August 6, 1974.