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If it has never worked properly, you probably have somehow connected it improperly. Contact a local electrician or qualified handyman to help wire the heater properly.

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Q: Your Marley electric baseboard heater will not shut of Replaced thermostat Newly installed this heater during your basement remodel?
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Use whatever sealer is recommended for the paint or stain that your going to use to finish with. Just be sure to seal the baseboard on all surfaces, front, back, top and bottom

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If I wanted to replace the old baseboard heaters in my basement can I get enough energy savings to justify the expenseAre new baseboard heaters a lot more efficient?

It often takes several years to save enough to recoup the purchase cost. New models are more efficent though.

Does homeowners insurance cover replacement of faulty gutters that cause water to go into basement?

No, if the gutters were not installed correctly.

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To prevent condensation in A/C ducts located in the basement, turn the thermostat to a warmer temperature. About 5 degrees Fahrenheit above what it is now running at will stop condensation.

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a California basement is a large basement

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The basement is full of boxes. Go down to the basement. Watch the TV in the basement. My bedroom is in the basement.

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A carbon monoxide detector in a basement should be installed away from your furnace and water heater. Both of these put off a small amount of CO in regular use and may create false alarms. More importantly, you should have these detectors installed in your living areas, such as hallways and bedrooms where an alarm will be legitimate and heard.

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If you are currently finishing your basement, make sure that you are planning ahead for safety. If anyone will be sleeping in the basement after it is finished, they need to have access to a fire escape. Carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms should also be installed in any basement bedrooms and living spaces. Test these alarms regularly in order to be certain that they are working correctly. Install safety equipment while your basement is being finished so that your basement is completely safe and ready for use after the home improvement project is completed.

Installed one outlet in basement on a breaker and you get shocked when you touch the metal of things plugged into it or the metal outlet box itself Why?

maybe you have the hot and the neutral switched...

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If you want to seal the basement to keep water out you are going about it wrong. If you seal it you are only postponing the problem. When the hydrostatic pressure on the outside of the wall gets great enough (from water building up) the water will come in one way or another. Basement waterproofing professionals know that you have to first relieve the hydrostatic pressure by letting the water in then use an above floor baseboard system to drain the water to a sump pump or drain. has an above floor basement waterproofing system that you can install yourself for around $4 per foot.

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A sump pump is a device installed in a basement to pump water out when rain or a broken water pipe causes flooding. The pump is installed in a hole in the basement floor. The best tip for installation is careful planning of the pump and the drain pipe. Use the correct liner for the sump hole, and use the correct size PVC pipe for the drain. Carefully map the drain path so water is carried out of the basement using minimum power. Once outside the basement, water should drain away from the house. Dry fit all the pipes before cementing.