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200 square feet = 18.580608 square meters

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Q: Your apt is 200 square feet how big is it meters?
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What is the living area square footage of the studio apartment for rent?

300 to 600 square feet is the average range for a studio apartment. You might have seen some super-small apartments in the news in places like Manhattan where a tiny 200 sq. ft. apt. isn't unheard of.

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How many square feet per person?

how many can live in a one bed room apt is it a national state or local responsibilty to establish this number?Does one calculate by bedroom or living area footage?

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How many BTUs are good for a 700 square foot apt?

How many BTUs are good for a 700 square foot stor 12X 30 10 ffoot ceilings That doesn't add up to 700 square feet. We need more information about general climate, windows, outside walls, whether this is the top floor, construction materials, outside doors, etc.

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