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take it to the dealer

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Q: Your power antenna on a 1998 Volvo S70 does not work what might be the problem and how would you repair it?
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What is wrong if your Volvo 960's sunroof is not working?

If your Volvo 960's sun roof is not working, you might have an issue with the roof motor or with the fuse. You could also have a problem with the control switch or the wiring.

Where might I find antenna amplifiers?

You might find antenna amplifiers at your local electronic stores. You can also find them at websites like

How do you repair a car that start and then switches off?

Could be a problem with the starter motor, might be causing it to short out or something

How does a terrestrial antenna work?

An antenna transmits electromagnetic radiation from the currents on the conducting surface of the antenna, which might be a length of wire or it could be a parabolic reflector.

How do you repair driver side airbag circuit low resistance or shorted Ford F150?

It might be a problem with the "clock spring".

When a Volvo 1996 960 dashboard light is not coming on what might be the problem?

you dont say which one it is buy the bulb blown would be the first thing to check

What does a orange background and a y symbol dashboard light on a Volvo mean?

You got a problem with your catalytic converter potentially Might just be a dodgy sensor, though.

The oil dip stick has broking in the oil tube how do i repair this problem?

you might be able to pull the tube itself out and there ya go

How does one repair a 1998 cadilla catera coolant system?

To repair the 1998 Cadillac Catera coolant system, the steps will vary depending on the actual problem. You might need to replace hoses or connections or you might need a new radiator or thermostat.?æ

Why does the Radio go on and off on a range rover HSE 2005?

It might be a problem with your antenna. The Range Rover HSE 2005 has been a bit outdated in the past years. Many has been forced to buy the newer model like the Evoque. In any case if the antenna does have a problem you could get it repaired at the mechanics and got to the car junk yard for a radio that is compatible with the HSE.

What is a car antenna booster used for?

A car antenna booster is used to 'boost' the radio waves of the car's antenna. This is usually used to improve radio quality and reduce static that might be heard.

Why is radio Not picking up radio stations in a Renault?

Could be broke, or might just be a Hyundai radio. Check antenna, and cable from antenna to radio.

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