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what is the problem if a Chevy diesil engine start and run 30 minuits died and start right up again

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โˆ™ 2011-09-14 08:56:43
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Q: Your van will run for 30 minutes and when you start it again it starts but dies out?
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My 1994 geo metro starts runs for a few minutes and dies wait for a few minutes and starts again?

I would change your fuel filter

Why does a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 2wd dies while driving and after few minutes starts again?

crank sensor ?

Your 1992 Oldsmobile ciea 3.3 v6 starts fine but after driving for 20 or 30 minutes the dies on you but starts after 30 minutes changed the modgule and coils still nothing and no check engine light al?

replace your crank sensor....or when it dies dump cold water on it to see if it starts again

Why will a car start and run for a few minutes then loses power to the engine like you stopped giving it gas dies and will not start again after about 10 minutes you can start the car again?

i can start the car, and it runs for a few meters, dies out like im giving it no gas. then it will not restart. after sitting about 10 minutes or so, it will start again and is drivable for a few more meters, then dies again to have the whole process rinse and repeat itself . it also makes a loud rattling noise like the valves are rattleing and then loses all horsepower then dies. once its started back up it sounds like the lifters are tapping, and just gets louder until the car dies again. it will not idle on its own.

Car starts for 10 minutes but then dies and loses all power for 5 minutes then starts fine again Battery is fine before and after any thoughts Its a 1977 trans am with a 455 in it.?

More info. What kind of car ?

2003 Dodge Neon that will start up but will not stay running and dies right after it starts?

2003 dodge neon that will start but will not stay running and dies after it starts?

Dodge gr caravan 1999 starts dies starts dies starts dies and then nothing until about 24 hours and starts right up runs great while driving then you turn it off and it starts dies all over again?

Fuel pump is gping out it may have enough fuel to start then it works like a vacuum but the pressure is not enough to keep it going. Same thing happend to my Buick Lasabre.

Jinlun 50 scooter turns over good starts for a few seconds then dies and willnot start again?

check the carb...then adjust the valves...

Starts then dies and will not start?

Try adding some specifics please.

When using remote start the starts and then dies. What is wrong?

antiteft will need to be disabled.

Your Mystiques loses power and the engine bucks and dies after traveling for an hour at 60mph after stopping and waiting 2 minutes the engine starts and run for another 30 minutes or so any ideas?

Check out your fuel filter it sounds as if it is clogged and after sitting for a few minutes the debris falls away and lets it start and run until it becomes clogged again.

1992 240 Volvo died on the road then after a couple minutes starts up sometimes runs all day other times it goes a little dies you wait it starts again?

This is a typical symptom for a failing fuel pump relay.

96 cutlass 3.1 It died when I was driving it with no warnings. I start it back up it drives a few feet then dies again. Start it again and it starts shaking and misfiring and eventually dies. Ideas?

check youralternator plugs, and then if that does not work try checking vacuum lines or MAF. Timing belt is possibly slipping but that would cause more damage and once out of line would not let you start it up again

2002 Jeep Liberty starts and runs fine until it warms up then it dies and won't start again for about an hour?

fuel injector or crank sensor is at fault here

Why does your 95 olds aceiva run fine then suddenly sputters and dies then in a few minutes will start and run fine again?

there are several sensors and mabe junk in your gas tank

What happens when your pou dies?

You start over and have to re install pou again

Your 93 safari run 15 min then it dies and 20 min later starts again but it dies again?

crank sensor is bad... it's under the harmonic balancer wheel by the oil pan

90 tempo runs for 2 minutes then dies then won't start again for about 2 hOUr then does the same thing HELP?

AFTER ENGINE DIES, TRY TO SEE IF YOU ARE GETTING SPARK TO A SINGLE PLUG. IF NOT THEN IGNITION CONTROL MODULE IS BAD. MODULE IS LOCATED ON BOTTOM LEFT SIDE OF DISRIBUTOR FRONT OF ENGINE. JUST HAD THIS PROBLEM. First, find out what is failing. After it dies, check to see if you can re-start it with ether. spray a little starting fluid down the throttle body while an assistant attempts to start the engine. If it starts then dies again while spraying starting fluid, you have a problem with the fuel delivery. If not, it's a problem with the ignition. Figure out that part then let's see where it goes from there.

How does a 2005 Dodge Durango act if the security system is malfunctioning?

Either it starts and dies, or it will not crank.Either it starts and dies, or it will not crank.

Your 1992 Camero starts then dies starts then dies again?

you have to take it to a repair shop if you dont know why it does that & the people at the repair dont know what the heck is wrong with it. Sell it buy a new one and shut the f*** up .

1998 Buick Regal GS starts then dies and wont restart for 10 minutes?

Check your fuel filter and pressure.

How do you get the war horse in red dead redemption if it dies?

well you can't really get it again after it dies or you kill it but if you start the game again with a new save it will come back, because it was already there.

I have 1966 mustang with a 289 V8 4 bbl carb it starts and runs fine for about 20 minutes until it comes up to temp and then dies and won't restart until it is compleatly cool again?

check the coil

What makes my 86 f150 run till it warms up then dies then after 15 mins it starts and runs again?

Your losing spark or fuel. I would start with replacing the fuel filter. If it still dies do a fuel pressure test, it may have a failing fuel pump.

Why does my 1995 Z-28 runs perfect for 15 minutes then starts misfiring bad then dies will not start for a couple hours then the same thing happens?

The coil probably needs to be replaced. This can be a symptom of a coil on its way out.