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Yes. Any two are supplementary.

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Q: Does a rectangle contain supplementary angles?
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Are consecutive angles in a rectangle supplementary?


Are consecutive interior angles of a rectangle are supplementary?

Yes. Two angles are suplementary if their sum is 180 degrees. All interior angles in a rectangle are 90 degrees, so any pair of these angles is supplementary.

What quadrilateral has consecutive angles that are supplementary?

How about a square or a rectangle

What shape has opposite angles that are supplementary?

A square or a rectangle has opposite angles that add up to 180 degrees

Name a pair of angles which are supplementary but not adjacent?

Diagonally opposite angles of a rectangle or square is one example.

The consecutive angles of a rectangle are congruent and supplementary?

Yes, that sounds right.

Are consecutive angles in a parallelogram always congruent?

Not unless the parallelogram is a rectangle. In every parallelogram, consecutive angles are supplementary.

Are two consecutive angles of a rectangle are supplementary?

Yes because 90+90 = 180 degrees

Are rectangles consecutive angles supplementary?

yes they are supplementary.... because every angle of a rectangle is 90 degrees... therefore consecutive 90 degrees would be 180 degrees therefore they are supplementary....

Are the opposite angles of any parallelograms are supplementary?

Yes, when they are both 90o and the parallelogram is usually referred to as a rectangle.

Does a rhombus have opposite angles that are supplementary?

No. The adjacent angles are supplementary.

Are supplementary angles necessarily a linear pair?

No. All linear pair angles are supplementary, but supplementary angles do not have to be a linear pair.