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Supplementary angles are any angles in which their degrees add to a sum of 180o.

In the related links you will find an example of Supplementary angles.

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Q: What is supplementary angles in geometry?
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Related questions

What is a supplementary number in algebra?

In geometry, supplementary angles add to 180 degrees. The term 'supplementary number' is not used in algebra.

Does a rhombus have opposite angles that are supplementary?

No. The adjacent angles are supplementary.

Are supplementary angles necessarily a linear pair?

No. All linear pair angles are supplementary, but supplementary angles do not have to be a linear pair.

What does supplementary in maths terms?

In the context of geometry, it refers to two angles whose sum is pi radians (180 degrees).

Angles that are congruent and supplementary must be?

Angles that are congruent and supplementary must be right angles.

Are adjacent angles in a parallelogram are supplementary?

Adjacent angles in a parallelogram are supplementary.

What are supplementary estimates?

Supplementary angles - two angles that add up to 180 degrees. No matter how large or small angles 1 and 2 on the left become, the two angles remain supplementary which means that they add up to 180°. By the way, supplementary angles do not need to be adjacent angles(angles next to one another) if it doesnt add up to 180 then they are not supplementary angles, but if they do then they are supplementary angles.

Are the adjacent angles of a rhombus supplementary?

Yes, adjacent angles are supplementary; however, opposite angles are not.

What angles Are always supplementary angles?

Angles that add up to 180 degrees are always supplementary

How many degrees are in supplementary angles?

Supplementary angles are two angles which add up to 180°.

Are opposite angles in a parallelogram supplementary?

No, they are equal. Adjacent angles are supplementary in a prallelogram.

What if angles were not supplementary in an object?

Lots of objects do not have supplementary angles. It does them, or their environment, no harm.

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