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1000/100 = 10

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Q: How many thousandths are there in a hundredths digit?
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What digit is in the hundredths place of 0.523?

2 . tenths hundredths thousandths

How many times as great is the value of the digit in the thousandths place as in the hundredths place?


Which is the tenths digit in 1.654?

1 is the units digit6 is the tenths digit5 is the hundredths digit4 is the thousandths digit

What is 6.005 rounded to the nearest hundredths?

6.01 The thousandths digit is 5 which is half way or more, so add 1 to the hundredths digit.

What digit is in the hundredths place of 7.522?

the second digit from the decimal point. 7 ones . decimal 5 tenths 2 hundredths 2 thousandths

What is 176.93 to the nearest thousandths?

This is impossible to answer because there is no digit in the thousandths or ten thousandths place. 176.93 only goes to the hundredths place.

How many hundredths are in a thousandth?

There are 10 hundredths in a thousandths.

How do you read decimals to the thousandths place?

We will use an example to help us out, 0.345, the 3 is in the tenths digit place, the 4 is in the hundredths digit place, and the 5 is in the thousandths digit place. This would be read as three hundred forty-five thousandths.

How many thousandths equal two hundredths?

20 thousandths equal 2 hundredths.

How many thousandths are in five hundreds?

500,000 thousandths in five hundred 50 thousandths in five hundredths

How many hundredths in 6.038?

3.8 hundredths = 38 thousandths

How many hundredths are in 20 thousandths?

The answer is 20 hundredths

Which digit is in the tenths place in 45.86?

It is the 8, after the decimal you start with tenths, hundredths, thousandths, so on

What does the digit 5 in 3.645 represent?

3 units 6 tenths 4 hundredths 5 thousandths

What digit is in the hundredths place of 5.925?

In the number 5.925 the 2 is in the hundredths place. Remember after the decimal points it's goes as followed:DecimalTenthsHundredthsThousandthsHundred ThousandthsMillionthsTen MillionthsHundred MillionthsBillionths

List the digit that has the given place value for the number 258.176?

The hundreds digit is 2; the tens digit is 5; the ones digit is 8; the tenths digit is 1; the hundredths digit is 7; the thousandths digit is 6.

What is the value of each digit in 1.639?

The 1 is in the units column and is one. The 6 is in the tenths column and is six tenths. The 3 is in the hundredths column and is three hundredths. The 9 is in the thousandths column and is nine thousandths.

How many thousandths are in 8 tenths and 5 hundredths?

850 thousandths

What is the value for each digit in the number 1.639?

1 6 tenths 3 hundredths 9 thousandths

What are the values of each digit in the number 1.639?

One, six tenths, three hundredths, nine thousandths

How many thousandths are in 4 hundredths?

4/100 is the same as 40/1000, so there are 40 thousandths in 4 hundredths

Round 14.762 to the nearest hundeth?

14.76 Since the digit in the thousandths place is less than 5, the digit in the hundredths place stays the same.

How many thousandths in 3 hundredths?


How many thousandths in 1 hundredths?


How many hundredths are in 700 thousandths?