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850 and 1700

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Q: What two numbers make 850 as greater common factor?
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What three numbers make the greatest common factor of 6?

How about: 12, 18 and 24

What is the Greatest Common Factor of 42 35 and 28?

Greatest common factor= 7 The greatest common factor is the factor that all these numbers have in common. It helps to make a list of all the number's factors. 28- 2, 2, 7 35- 5, 7 42- 2, 3, 7 All of these numbers have 7 as a factor, therfore 7 is the greatest common factor

Which pair of numbers is the greatest common factor of 8?

It's likely you meant to ask which pair of numbers has a greatest common factor of 8, but since you didn't include any pairs of numbers from which to choose, we'll have to make them up. 8 and 16 have a GCF of 8.

What two number make 45 the GCF?

with the numbers 90 and 45, 45 is the GCF(Greatest Common Factor).

Why does it make sense to multiply the numbers in the middle of the Venn Diagram to determine the GCF of a pair of numbers?

Factors multiply. The numbers in the middle of the Venn diagram are common factors. If there are two or more, their product will give you the greatest common factor.

Why can you make several different factor trees for some numbers but only one or two factor trees for other numbers?

Bigger numbers make bigger factor trees, and of course there are prime numbers which cant be factored at all

How do you find the common factor in fraction division?

To simplify a multiplication or division involving fractions, you need to find common factors. For small numbers, you might just try to do a complete factorization of each of the numbers involved. It's best not to multiply them in the first place; it doesn't really make sense to multiply and then factorize again. For larger numbers, you can use Euclid's algorithm to find the greatest common factor.

What numbers are multiplied together to make a product?


How do you make a factor?

A factor of a certain number in Mathematics are the numbers that can be divided by the original number.

Can a fraction be simplified if it doesn't have a common factor?

No! because the common factor divides both part to make it simpler.

What is the greatest common factor of 5 and 6?

Answer:The greatest common factor of 5 and 6 is 1Methods:The greatest common factor of any pair of numbers for which the difference is 1, such as 5 and 6, must be 1. The greatest common factor cannot be larger than the difference. So, the greatest common factor of 5 and 6 is 1.Another way to determine the greatest common factor is to find all the factors of the numbers and compare them.The factors of 5 are 1 and 5.The factors of 6 are 1, 2, 3, and 6.The only common factor is 1 . Therefore, the greatest common factor is 1.The greatest common factor can also be calculated by identifying the common prime factors and multiplying them together.The prime factor of 5 is 5.The prime factors of 6 are 2 and 3.There are no prime factors in common, so the numbers are relatively prime, which means the greatest common factor is 1.the greatest common factor of 6 and 5 is 1The GCF is 1.i think it is safe to say it is 30. I cant think of any other number that 5 and 6 both go into.

What are factor numbers?

Factor numbers are other numbers that can make up(or go into) a number. Example: factors of 60 are 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 12, 30.

What are the numbers that 63 can be divided by that can also be multiplied to make 33?


What is the difference between a prime number and a prime factor?

Not a lot. They're both prime numbers. A factor that is prime is used to make other numbers.

What numbers make a factor tree for number 69?

69 3,23

Why is the greatest common factor of is sometime one?

One is a common factor of every set of non-zero integers. Sometimes it's the only common factor. That would make it the GCF by default.

What is the greatest common factor of 4862?

4862 has no common factor. It has nothing to be common with. Inaccurately worded questions make it difficult for answerers to give useful information.

What is the greatest common factor of 18 and 9?

To find the greatest common factor for any group of numbers you must make a list of all the factors for each number. The factors of 18 are: 1, 2, 3, 6, 9, 18 The factors of 9 are: 1, 3, 9 Therefore, the greatest common factor of 18 and 9 is 9.

What is the lest common factor of 3518?

The least (not "lest"!) common factor (HCF) would refer to a factor that is COMMON to two or more numbers. You have only one number in the question! So, from that point of view, the question makes no sense. Furthermore, the least factor of any integer is always 1, so again, the question makes no sense. I suggest that you try to make sure that your question makes at some sense.

What are two numbers with a greatest common factor of 6?

Well, to get such numbers, you multiply 6, by two different numbers. Make sure the two numbers are relatively prime. One way to ensure this is to use two consecutive numbers. For example: 6 x 4 6 x 3

How do you make a fraction simplied?

You divide the numerator and denominator by any common factor which is larger than one. Continue until there is no such common factor.

HOW TO FIND greatest common factor?

-- List factors of first number. -- List factors of second number. -- Make short list of all numbers on both factor lists. -- Biggest number on short list is greatest common factor of both numbers.

What will the body make in greater numbers in response to an infection?

The body will make White Blood Cells in greater number in response to an infection thereby fighting the infection.

How can you make a factor into prime numbers of 91?

91 = 7 x 13

What is a greatest common multiple?

There is no such number. The LEAST COMMON MULTIPLE (LCM) is the smallest number that is a multiple of both numbers (or all numbers in a set). It is used to make common denominators. The GREATEST COMMON FACTOR (GCF) is the largest number that is a factor of both numbers (or all numbers in a set). It is used to reduce fractions to simplest form.