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Q: A factor pair for a rectangle with an area of 100 and a perimeter of 50?
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How do you use the dimensions of a rectangle to find factor pairs?

The length and breadth of a rectangle are a factor pair of the area of the rectangle.

Formula of a rectangle?

There is no formula for a rectangle. There are formula for calculating its area, perimeter or length of diagonals from its sides, or it is possible to calculate the length of one pair of sides given the other sides and the area or perimeter, or the two lots of sides given area and perimeter and so on.

How do you calculate the length and breadth of a rectangle given the area and the perimeter?

Perimeter = (2 lengths) + (2 widths)1/2 of the perimeter = (length) + (width)Area = (length) x (width)So if you're given the area and the perimeter:-- Look for factor-pairs that multiply to give the area.-- The right pair of factors is the pair that add to give 1/2 of the perimeter.Example:Area = 24Perimeter = 22Factor pairs that make 24:1 x 242 x 123 x 84 x 6Which pair is it ?Perimeter = 221/2 the perimeter = 11.Look at the sums:1 + 24 = 252 + 12 = 143 + 8 = 11

How are factors related to area?

If we limit ourselves to whole numbers, the length and width of any rectangle is a factor pair of the area.

How is the list of factors pair related to the rectangles that can be made for the factor pairs?

One to one. Each factor pair represents a rectangle.

A rectangle has a perimeter of 28 inches The length of one pair of sides is 8 inches per side What is the length of each of the other sides?

A rectangle has a perimeter of 28 inches. The length of one pair of sides is 8 inches per side. What is the length of each of the other sides? Six in.

What is the relationship between the rectangles for number and factors of the number?

One rectangle for each factor pair.

How do you find the length and width of a rectangle if you only know the perimeter the perimeter is 26?

Its impossible to isolate both the length and width, but you can figure out the sum of one pair of length and width, which is 13.

How many rectangles can the factor pairs of 84 make and how would you draw them?

One rectangle per factor pair, six total.

What are the factor pairs of 1512?

factor pair = 1512,1 factor pair = 756,2 factor pair = 504,3 factor pair = 378,4 factor pair = 252,6 factor pair = 216,7 factor pair = 189,8 factor pair = 168,9 factor pair = 126,12 factor pair = 108,14 factor pair = 84,18 factor pair = 72,21 factor pair = 63,24 factor pair = 56,27 factor pair = 54,28 factor pair = 42,36

How do you find rectangles using the prime numbers?

Prime numbers have one factor pair, hence one rectangle.

What are math factor pairs of 650?

factor pair = 650,1 factor pair = 325,2 factor pair = 130,5 factor pair = 65,10 factor pair = 50,13 factor pair = 26,25

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