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Q: A football team had 55 players at the start of the season but then some players left the team After that the team had 48 players?
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A football team had 50 players at the start of the season but then some players left the team After that the team had 42 players?

The team signed eight other players to replace the ones who left.

A football team had 50 players at the start of the season butthen some players left the team after that the team had 42 players Mathematical Sentence?

This can be written as a mathematical sentence in a few ways. You an write it like "If there were 50 players to start with and 42 players left the game how many would you have left"?

How many German football players are left handed Which are they?


Scant in a sentence?

There was a scant amount of food left at the party after the football players left.

Is there a list of recently deceased NFL football players?

Google "oldest living football players". On the left side of the page there should be "2010 deaths listing" Click on it and it will list for you by date order all of the football players who passed in 2010.

How many players do Portsmouth Football Club have left and who are they?

There are currently 3 players left a Portsmouth F.C who are: Liam Lawrence, Dave Kitson, and Ben-Haim.

Who are the black players who played football for wales?

your mom, she played for my left and right nut

Who are the only 4 New England Patriots left from the 2000 season?

There are only two players left on the Patriots roster from the 2000 season. the players are: # Tom Brady, Quarterback, # 12 # Kevin Faulk, Running Back, # 33

Who are some left handed guitar players?

Justin Bieber, for a start

How many games left in the football season?

10 as most teams have played 28!

What players have left real Madrid this season?

They are Fabio Canaverro, Michal salgado.Other mainly Dutch are up for sale.

Do football players need a college education?

Not if they make enough money, and if they do they might blow it shortly after they retire from football and not have enough money left to last the rest of their lives.

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