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Q: A realtor earns 3 percent when she sells a house in addition to 1 12 an percent of the closing costs She sold a house for 180000 and her final earnings were 6320 How much did she get for the closin?
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How much should I pay my realtor for selling a home in Dracut, Massachusetts?

Your realtor will have his/her percentage of earnings on the sale in your contract.

What percentage of the purchase price does the realtor get?

3 to 6 percent

Is it illegal to sign a promissory note after closing on the sale of your home under distress so that the realtor could receive money. After being told WE NEEDED NO MONEY AT CLOSING.?


What percent does the Sellers of homes in Virginia pay for their listing?

The percentage you will pay will vary from realtor to realtor,you can avoid comission by listing your home yourself.

What is the seller's responsibility if damage occurred to the house the night before the closing?

I believe that you are responsible as the seller for any damage to the property until the papers are signed in the closing . At that time it becomes the new owners responsibility. Check with your realtor and closing attorney. Generally speaking, the seller still owns it and it is therefore his problem.

Where can someone find information about a no closing cost home refinance for their mortgage?

You may find information about no closing cost home refinancing for your mortgage from an experienced Realtor. You may also want to ask your local bank, as they have to do deal with mortgages on a daily basis.

Should you buy your realtor a gift after closing?

i am, i think its a nice way of saying thank you for all your hard and dedicated work you did for me, but a nice thank you card is nice too.

What is included in the realtor logo?

There are four kinds of Realtor Logos. This will explain the most complex. Included in the Logo should be the R with trademark that represents one is a Realtor, the name of the Realtor, the firm name for which the Realtor works, any social media the Realtor is connected with, and whether or not the Realtor is in connected to or with any elections.

How much do i have to pay a real estate agent for finding me a home?

In most states, if not all, the realtor is paid by the seller when the house is sold. The buyer pays closing costs on the home but the seller pays the realtor. Keep that in mind as you are shopping for a house. As you spend time with the realtor you begin to develope a bond but remember, since the seller pays the realtor, the realtor is actually working for the seller. Also, try not to look at more than 6 homes in one day and make notes about likes and dislikes on each home you visit. If you don't, you'll find yourself trying to remember one house from another later that night.

How reliable are apartment finders do they compare to service one would receive from a home realtor?

Some apartment finders are very reliable. Many apartments for rent are only listed with these services. In addition, a home realtor may only have access to those apartments that are listed with their company.

Do I need a real estate attorney to buy a home in Florida?

When purchasing a home in Florida, having a real estate attorney by your side can be a wise decision to ensure a smooth and legally sound transaction. While it's not a requirement in Florida to have a real estate attorney for a home purchase, their expertise can be invaluable in navigating the complex legalities involved in real estate transactions. They can review contracts, help with negotiations, and make sure the closing process goes smoothly. Especially when dealing with luxury properties like the ones built by Neo Homes, having a legal expert ensuring all aspects of the purchase are in order can provide you with peace of mind. So, while not mandatory, having a real estate attorney can be a beneficial investment when buying a home in Florida, especially when it comes to high-end properties crafted by leading builders like Neo Homes.

You plan to list your house with a realtor?

with my realtor in spanish