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To get radian measure of angle given in degrees, multiple the measure in degrees by PI/180.


60 deg = 60 * PI/180 rad = 1.047 rad.

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Q: Angle measure given in radians
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How does one calculate arc length when given the radius and angle measure in degrees?

To find the arc length given the radius and angle measure in degrees, you must first convert the angle from degrees to radians, using the formula: Degrees = Radians X (pi/180). Then take the radians and the radius that you are given, and put them into the formula of Q = (a/r) where Q is the angle in radians, a is the arc length, and r is the radius. When you have this, simple multiply both sides by the radius to isolate the a. Once you do this, you have your answer.

What is the measure of an angle that is 93 degrees?

93π/180 radians (about 1.623 radians)

Unit of measure of an angle?

Usually an angle is measured in degrees or radians.

What is the radian measure of an angle whose measure is 420?

It is 420/180*pi radians = 2.33... *pi radians or 7.3304 radians (approx).

What is the measure of the supplementary angle to 2.47 radians?

It is pi - 2.47 = 0.67 radians (approx).

What is another measure for an angle that measure 283 degrees?

4.939 radians.

Is there a measure to a verticle angle?

Yes, pi radians.

What is the unit used to measure an angle?

A degree.. 90'degrees, 45' degrees ectyou can also measure an angle in radians... pi' radians=180' degrees

What is the measure of an angle that is complement of angle M?

pi/2 - M radians

What is a unit used to measure angle?

the unit used to measure angle is degree. It is also measured in radians.

What is the measure of angle 0?

Its measure is zero (degrees, radians, grads, etc).

What are the 2 things used to measure angle?

degrees and radians

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